Sarah Langa MacKay Bio, age, education, career and personal life

Sarah Langa Mackay (born 26 February 1993), also known as Sarah Langa, is a well-known South African blogger. She has established herself as one of the country’s most powerful voices, and she runs several charities to help educate brilliant children from low-income families.

Biography of Sarah Langa Mackay

Sarah Langa Mackay Biography
Image of Sarah Langa Mackay

Full name : Sarah Langa McKay
Date of birth : 26 February 1993
Place of birth : Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Education : Unknown
Height : 1.62m
Occupation : Influencer and Blogger
Known for : Blogging
Net worth : R5 million to R10 million
Nationality : South African

Early life

Sarah Langa was born on February 26th, 1993. In February 2023, she will turn 30 years old. Moreover, Sarah Langa was born in Soweto Mofolo and raised there. She relocated to the city to attend college. She became interested in modeling at a young age and tried unsuccessfully to join ICE models.

Furthermore, she was turned down because of her hip size. She also did not meet the sample size requirement. So, Sarah went on to study Psychology with a minor in Marketing at Wit University. She is also known to be passionate about education, as evidenced by her various charities. [1]

Education of Sarah Langa Mackay

She stated that she realized in college that education has many levels. “Many schools teach students only how to pass. While I was doing well in school, I knew I needed to bridge the gap in order to keep up with my studies.”

Despite being rejected as a model, Sarah founded the Influence blog, where she writes about fashion, travel, and other topics. Her blog’s success has led to collaborations with companies such as Stylista, Vince Camuto, Brutal Fruit, Picot & Moss, Woolworths A/W 2015, and Witchery S/S 2016. Furthermore, she has stated that living in Johannesburg has greatly inspired her as an influencer.

Personal life

Sarah Langa Mackay Biography
Image of Sarah Langa Mackay

Sarah Langa has a complicated personality. Her mother is a South African black woman, and her father is white. In February 2017, she was trending for her remarks about her racial identity. When asked by a fan what race category her parents checked on her application forms as a child. [2]

She replied, “Other.” Several users claimed that she had a problem with black people, despite the fact that she stated that she was black. Sarah Langa said about stylist and designer Thameenah Saint in an Instagram post in 2020 that she found a sister in her. The two are very close friends, almost sisters.

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House and automobiles

Sarah Langa has not uploaded any pictures of her home. In 2017, she was seen driving a Peugeot 3008 SUV. She is also known to drive a Porshe, which she has shown off the inside of in an Instagram post alongside an R40,000 handbag.

Ex-Husband of Sarah Langa MacKay

Sarah Langa married Jehan Mackay, the CEO of one of South Africa’s largest technology firms. He is from Kimberley and was raised Islamically. Sarah and her husband married when she was 23 years old. They also held two weddings to honor their respective religions, Christianity and Islam.

The couple was married for two years and ten months before Jehan allegedly left her. It is speculated that it was caused by her addiction to social media.

In an interview with a fan, she revealed that her first million dollars came from her divorce from their marriage. According to reports, she was left with R3 million. She was apparently securing the bag at the time, but she did not become a millionaire until she divorced. [3]

Black Coffee Relationship

Sarah was linked to a few men after her divorce from Jehan, including Redaric Williams and Danny Kals (Congolese). She was linked to the latter because of their trip to Bali together.

She was also linked to World Renowned DJ Black Coffee. Her appearance at Black Coffee’s star-studded luncheon in a “to die for” black gown sparked the rumors. Social media was buzzing with rumors that the two were dating.

They were also seen acting “lovey-dovey” with each other in Cape Town. In response to the rumors, she stated that it was “new to me.” They obviously knew each other because they work in the same industry, according to her.


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