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Prince Kaybee is a celebrated South African singer and disc jockey who was born Kabelo Motsamai on June 15, 1989, in Senekal. He has succeeded in carving out a reputation for himself in the industry and is known for releasing multiple hit songs.

Biography profile of Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee Biography
Image of DJ Prince

Full name : Kabelo Motsamai
Popular name : Prince Kaybee
Gender : Male
Age : 34 years old
Date of birth : 15 June 1989
Place of birth : Senekal, South Africa
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Dj , record producer and recording artist

Early life and education of Kaybee

The family of Mr. Motsami welcomed the Charlotte hitmaker on June 15, 1989. His birthplace is in Senekal, a Free State town near Welkom. The youngest of the 36 children his father produced, 32-year-old Prince Kaybee is also his mother’s lone kid. The Deejay acknowledged not knowing all of the siblings in his late father’s vast family by name. He is not at fault; family politics had the upper hand and prevented him from getting to know them. They were all called to the podium at the same time following his father’s passing during the funeral for his late grandfather. [1]

Kabelo was a mischievous child who was full of energy and rebellious as he grew up. He dropped out of school for reasons he can only guess at. While in grade 11, he got pregnant by a girl and stopped going to school. Prince Kaybee moved in with a friend to help him cope with the new reality that was emerging, but things got more difficult. ending themselves on Bloemfontein’s streets with no shelter and scant access to food. He had the choice to man up in order to survive, and he made that decision. He began looking for any openings he might fill.

The Disc Jockey was fortunate to find employment at a club owned by Nigerians. He had enough money from his Disc Jockey job at the club to pay his rent, other expenses, and for food. Kabelo eventually got to know a girl after spending some time in the club. She extended an invitation for them to cohabitate. He eventually succeeded in saving up and raising enough money to purchase a laptop for himself. Kabelo used it to work on his production and deejaying skills. He participated in a SABC1 Disc Jockey competition. In 2013, the church was introduced to Kabelo by his booking agency.

Career of Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee Biography
Image of Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee’s brilliance was acknowledged after the tournament. He started out performing at neighbourhood clubs, where his distinctive sound attracted a lot of people. His passion for his work inspired him to teach himself music production, a talent that would later be crucial to his profession. [2]

His breakthrough was the release of his smash hit “Yokinto.”Kaybee’s standing in the South African music scene was cemented when the song became an instant hit. Prince Kaybee has recorded a number of songs throughout the years that have struck a chord with listeners both domestically and abroad. Prince Kaybee has made no secret of his affinity for other musicians outside of his own work. He frequently mentions DJ Fresh and DJ Black Coffee as having had a big impact on his career. For Kaybee, their professional achievement provided as a ray of hope, demonstrating what is achievable with perseverance and hard effort. Prince Kaybee has now moved his attention to fostering the upcoming generation of musicians.

He actively participates in mentoring emerging artists and has done so because he believes in giving back to the community while imparting his wisdom and experiences. Prince Kaybee’s career in the music business has been full of ups and downs, but his steadfast faith has always been a pillar of support. His early experiences performing in churches helped him develop a strong relationship with God, which he attributes as a major source of inspiration.

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Personal life of Kaybee

A radio host named Zola Mhlongo is dating Prince Kaybee. Since 2020, the couple has been in love for about a year. The pair documented their love story on YouTube in a series called “Defining Love.” He gained notoriety for cheating on his girlfriend Zola Mhlongo on May 5, 2021.

After a woman posted screenshots of their chat, he made a statement admitting to the allegations. The previous evening, the discussion gained traction .

Children of Prince Kaybee

The private life of Prince Kaybee has also drawn attention. According to reports, Prince Kaybee is also the father of a little child. In order to safeguard the baby’s identity, the mother of the kid, who cannot be identified, accused the artist of failing to provide enough financial assistance for her and the child while boasting about his fortune on social media. Prince Kaybee and his partner Zola had their first child together in October 2021. With few specifics disclosed to the public, the couple has maintained a largely private relationship with their child. Prince Kaybee is obviously a devoted father, as seen by the numerous social media posts in which he is shown spending time with his child. [3]

Networth and Cars

We can all agree that he is at the top of the food chain even if he started at the bottom. He has a number of high-end vehicles in his garage. Driving a VW Golf Vi, BMW X6, Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, and two more Mercs are Prince Kaybee. The estimated net worth of Prince Kaybee is 70 million dollars. This is determined using the fees he received for performing on stage, album sales, money from his Youtube subscribers, sponsorship deals, and the value of the properties and investments he held. The performer is financially successful and is one of South Africa’s leading artists.


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