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Image of Lunathi Mampofu
Image of Lunathi Mampofu.

Lunathi Mampofu is a South African actress best known for her starring role as Zikhona in the SABC1 drama series Ingozi. It was her first starring role in television. Lunathi is also the sister of actor Oros Mampofu. Who played Banele on Rhythm City. In this article we will look into some interesting facts about her.

Lunathi Mampofu’s educational and acting background

She received training first at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA), graduating in 2010. Lunathi later attended the New York Film Academy, graduating in 2013. So, she is pretty qualified for this acting stuff.

Lunathi didn’t start out as an actress however, she started off singing in the choir. And as she kept doing this at an early age, she eventually got the epiphany to pursue acting. Which led her to enroll at the AFDA institute to get her first qualification in live performances.

Then after that, she went on to further her studies in New York city. However, as she said in an interview with the SABC 3 top billing, “acting isn’t easy”. Mampofu said that acting has never been easy but it was her drive for acting that pushed her to break the barriers.

Lunathi Mampofu and her career beginnings

Lunathi Mampofu an actress who is Oros' sister.
Image of Lunathi Mampofu an actress who is Oros’ sister.

Almost Maine, Remember to Remember the Memorial, and Look Before You Leap are just a few of the plays in which Lunathi has performed. She has also appeared in both amateur and professional films, such as The Good Man and Mercy, The Short Film Shack Attack, and the features Rising Light, Umthandazo, and Little Blue Line at AFDA.

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In an episode of the Mzansi Magic drama series Isikizi (Season 1, Episode 9), which debuted on September 5, 2016, she made her acting debut on television as a spiritualist. Mampofu has also appeared in ads for brands like Glen Tea and Discovery Insure.

She is also a director aside from acting and a regular at the gym

Aside from acting, Lunathi has also been a casting director at Gersh Studios in Los Angeles. And later at Scout’s Honour in Seapoint, Cape Town. Mampofu is also a regular at the gym and sometimes if not most times gyms with her sibling. In a video interview with top billing, she talked about the importance of staying in shape as an actress.

According to Mampofu, it is very crucial to stay in shape and always “look good” as an actress. This is helpful because a lot is involved in acting which includes how physically fit you are.

Lunathi Mampofu says her daughter keeps her going

While the Mampofu family are really close and filled with love. Lunathi’s core source of energy and motivation is her daughter. Mampofu has a young little daughter she named sky whom she loves so much. According to Mampofu, her daughter keeps her grounded and gives her some sense of purpose.

The father of the child is a man known as Dilon Lloyd. He helps around the house and exchanges all domestic duties with his wife Lunathi. Making the house much more healthy and being a present father to their child, Sky. Who may give the child the masculine balance they need. The couple met at restaurant according to Lunathi. And, they both connected for their love of food, and few dates later, they knew it was for sure.

Lunathi and her twin brothers Oros and Prince Mampofu

Lunathi Mampofu and her brother Oros Mampofu!
Lunathi Mampofu and her brother Oros Mampofu!

Aside from her daughter, the three siblings are like twins with Oros having an almost indistinguishable brother. The three siblings share so much love and have quite similar interests. In fact all of them attended AFDA to study perfomance arts, because they all share the same love for acting. Moreover, the three siblings have a clothing brand they are building together. Of which Dilan is highly supportive of.

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