Mapula Mafole biography, age, career and nationality


Mapula Mafole is a 33-year-old South African actress well known for her starring role in Rhythm City soap opera as Mapula while her real name is actually Mapula. In this post we are going to cover details about the real Mapula Mafole.

Biography Facts

Mapula Mafole age and biography
Mapula Mafole age in real life.

Full name: Mapula Mafole
Gender: Female
Date of birth: July 18, 1990 (age- 33)
Place of birth: North West Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress
TV Shows: Rhythm City

Early age of Mapula Mafole

Mapula Mafole was born on the 18th of July 1990 in North West Province South Africa, her mother is Monica Mafole, and her father is Moses Mofole. She is a last born amongst her siblings who are Tebogo, Thabiso, and Kabelo Mafole.

Mapula grew up in Klerksdorp South Africa in a family of six members, that is her three siblings, her parents and her. The family of six moved to Gauteng Pretoria when she was ten years old, later on her parents left for UK looking for greener pastures living their young daughter and child Mapula under a care of her elder sister Tebogo who is married to a DJ, that is DJ Christos.

Mapula has got a baby face

Mapula was born in 1990, meaning she is becoming 32 years old this year, she has got a baby face which makes her to look younger, thus she is been given a role of a teenager on rhythm city since day one, by now she is acting as a 20-year-old. This means Mapula looks 10 years younger than she is in reality.

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Education and career of Mapula Mafole

Mapula Mafole age in real life.
Image of Mapula slaying in real life.

Mapula Mafole is an actress on etv (entertainment tv) soap called Rhythm city which plays every week days that is from Monday to Friday at 19: 00 (7PM) South African time. She started her career as an actress in 2012 on a tv show called inters.e.xions and has always acted for a character that shows her as a teenager because of her underaged looks. 

In 2015 she joined Rhythm city and started acting as a 17-year-old teenager who looks after her siblings, the Rhythm city Mapula character is very familiar to the real Mapula since her parents left her for UK when she was not even 12 years old.

Apart from having a role on Rhythm city, she acted on other soap operas like Generations: The Legacy, Z’bondiwe, Soul City and Inters.e.xions. In education, she has got AFDA degree.

Mapula Mafole suffered with depression

Mapula Mafole age
Here is How old is Mapula Mafole from Rhythm City.

Mapula suffered with depression after her parents left for United Kingdom, she would change schools very often and struggled to cope with the situation, town life was also something that she could not adjust to, this made her to feel lonely and she could isolate herself and sleep for days without going out. Sometimes she would avoid food for days as a result of anxiety she would cry very often. [ ¹]

By the age thirteen, she realised she needed help, so she went to see a psychologist and the psychologist helped her to cope with her anxiety. Sooner she realised she wanted to become an actress, then she joined AFDA acting school but the problem of depression caught up with her because her father was suffering from stroke, but she went again to see a psychologist to heal her wounds.

Nominations, Hobbies and Social Media accounts of Mapula Mafole 

In 2018, the actress was nominated for the award of Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/Telenovela in the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) for her role in Rhythm City.

Mapula was nominee for 2020 best actress SAFTA.

Mapula loves music and likes to play a bass guitar. She has got her interests on DJing since she was raised by her sister whose husband was a DJ, thus Mapula hopes that maybe one day she is going to be a DJ. In some recent Instagram posts, Mapula would be seen Djing and it appeared as it was something she was making a living on. [ ²]

 Mapula is followed by 127 thousand followers on Instagram, 57 000 followers on Facebook and 22 000 followers on Twitter. [ ³]

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Love Life or Boyfriend Of Mapula Mafule

In case you missed it, Mapula Mafole has a new boyfriend about whom she is extremely happy. Her boyfriend’s name is Phila Dlozi, and the two are much in love. In 2022, they started dating, and for the first time ever, Mapula had to announce her partner to the public and her admirers on social media. Did you know that Phila, Mapula’s boyfriend, is older than her? Yes, that is how things are. In 2023, Mapula will be 33 years old and her lover will be 24 years old, making them 9 years apart in age. Despite the fact that she is almost ten years older than her boyfriend, love knows no age, and the couple still looks good together.


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