Lorcia Cooper says playing Tyson broke a lot of stereotypes on women


Image of Lorcia Cooper best known as Erin from Scandal.
Image: Lorcia Cooper says playing Tyson break so many stereotypes.

Lorcia Cooper says playing Tyson break stereotypes on female artists. But who is Lorcia Cooper who played Tyson? Well, If you know Erin and Tino from Scandal? She is Erin. Erin is the woman Dintle Nyathi called to confirm where Motshabi was. She is the one who adopted together with Tino, Dintle’s first ever daughter Motshabi. However, that’s not all she is or was.

You may know her as Tyson from “Lock Down” a Mzansi Magic’s original show. She was also in backstage and shocking enough she didn’t want to audition for backstage because she was unaware of how big it was in the country.

The background of the show “Lock Down”

How Lorcia Cooper says playing Tyson breaks a lot of stereotypes on women

Lorcia Cooper in an interview with the Afternoon Expresss recalled how she was only viewed through the lens of her looks. She was as she recalls seen as the “pretty looking coloured girl”. And this made it difficult for her to show off her acting skills because she was no longer cast based off of her skills but her looks.

This was very daunting and exasperatingly discouraging for her, not because she wasn’t making money, but because she wasn’t allowed to show off her skills, her versatility.

How Lorcia Cooper felt with the role of Tyson

So when she got the role of Tyson on the show called Lock Down, she was excited. In fact, she went on to add a lot of food to her daily diet and exercised a lot. This helped her gain weight. And, to everyone’s surprise she didn’t care much for those who would look at her adversely because of her weight gain.

She was excited because this was a challange she had been waiting for. Furthermore, she had spent about 3 and a half years off the screens. So, this return was going to make an impact on the viewers.

You could almost say she was aiming to be so good people would almost not recognize her as the “pretty looking coloured girl”.

Why it was a big deal for her

The role was a big deal for her. For various reasons to be precise. First of all, she was tired of being cast based off of looks and not skills. So this was great opportunity for her to show off her skills. Second of all, this was her opportunity to break off all the stereotypes that pretty girls are soft.

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The idea that being pretty means you can’t be mean and how pretty looking actors are always given sweet roles. Especially women. She was putting forth a good argument for future pretty women not to be cast based on looks but on skill.

By undeniably proving that she could play both sides of the team. She could be mean and nice, she could be pretty and also fierce. And it was a huge success. In the interview, she mentions several times that being pretty isn’t an ability.

Lorcia cooper was proving that being pretty isn’t a skill

Image of Lorcia Cooper best known as Erin from Scandal.
Image of Lorcia Cooper best known as Erin from Scandal.

Being pretty isn’t an ability, it is an attribute and actors can’t be known for looking pretty. So she took on the challange with a smile. Lorcia also mentioned how misunderstood success was. In that it was thought of as how much money a job makes.

However, she recounted that success was infact linked to the integrity in doing what you love. That success was not only determined by taking jobs. But also by the types of jobs you turned down. And this she said normally comes with age.

Because young actors naively thought of money. But as you grow and get the money and fame. You see the need for integrity, you see the importance of legacy. And this was why she wanted to take on challenges that proved to her that she can do the unthinkable.

So, she turned down a lot of jobs that only wanted her as a pretty face and started picking roles that highlight her acting abilities. And this was why the role of Tyson who was an inmate was very important to her.

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