Hungani Ndlovu says Stephanie Sandows taught him endurance in relationship struggles

Image of Hungani Ndlovu with his wife Stephanie Sandows
Image of Hungani Ndlovu says Stephanie Sandows his wife taught him endurance. 

You do know Hungani Ndlovu right? Well if you don’t, we don’t mind reintroducing him to you. Hungani Ndlovu is a South African actor known famously for portraying Romeo Medupe on Scandal. The nerdy son of the Newtonian Hotel owner grace Medupe. Ring any bells? Thought so. In real life he is married and Hungani Ndlovu says Stephanie Sandows taught him to endure hardships.

So let’s continue. In a youtube video with the channel Defining, Hungani and Stephanie Sandows were defining Love and what they had learnt throughout their relationship. Both from each other and from the whole thing. And in this bit we will share what Hungani learnt.

Hungani had a tendency of throwing in the towel

Yupp, just like Romeo Medupe, Hungani didn’t really like things that weren’t perfect. (Did he say that? Well, in a way he did) He mentioned how he would pull out and try to escape a relationship that had symptoms that didn’t seem like love (do you honestly blame him?).

He literally would run if he saw anything that was red and looked like a flag. Well maybe run is big stretch but he’d at least feel like it and eventually walk out slowly and stuff (you know).

Hungani learnt to endure the tough times

However, through his relationship with Steph (it’s easier this way my friends) he learnt to endure the fights, the disappointments, the miscommunications, the unkindness that results from misunderstandings.

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He learnt to endure, he learnt (like bhudda) to accept that the world isn’t perfect and you’d rather have someone you can resolve issues with than someone you can’t because there will always be issues. All the time. So he became a stoic and accepted that.

Hungani and Steph’s short comings at home (family politics)

Here’s our bonus. Apparently Hungani Ndlovu takes a long time to do house chores. And by a long time, we mean he would take hours on a very small task such as washing the dishes or cleaning the patio. Yupo, there’s that. But you all do worse things I know so don’t judge him.

This however frustrates Steph and she sometimes feels like they are not splitting up their chores fairly. His pedantic approach to cleanliness is allegedly frustrating. But that’s not the worst thing to complain about. He is still a very good husband to Stephanie.

Stephanie Sandows has some of her own short comings

And if you believe that’s all there is to it. You would be mistaken, turns out they both have some issues. Stephanie, on the other side, has her own moles on her skin. (Whhhat?) Yes, it appears that she does not allow Hungani Ndlovu to decorate the house except for one little room that serves as their office.

And as Hungani tries to express himself, she cuts him off and explains why she won’t allow him to do so. And, like the prior one, her explanations are esoteric and convoluted.

But we’ll summarize everything for you. Hungani is really sentimental and becomes quite attached to things, therefore that’s her general reason. He appears to be the type of man who would leave his second-grade sneakers hanging in the lounge.

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