Kagiso Modupe gives advice on how he made it

Image of Kagiso Modupe.
Image of Kagiso Modupe.

Kagiso Modupe who played Mangaliso Nyathi on etv’s prime soap opera Scandal grew up in a balanced hope. And today we will share how he grew up and learnt to become independent and to choose a path he desired.

Kagiso Modupe comes from a humble community or township of Kwa-Thema in Springs. He grew up being very active and loved dancing, karate and sports like football and so forth.

Things that Kagiso Modupe learnt from his parents

First of all, Modupe had a good relationship with his parents. Both of them to be precise. His father was his hero and he taught him to endure the struggles of life and to take care of himself by taking him to the barber shop every weekend.

However, his mother who was a seamstress taught him business skills and how to thrive in the business world. Modupe’s Mom Massesi was the one who taught him not to be ashamed of his hustle. She taught the young Modupe to be proud of what he was doing, whether it was selling or just something he wanted to do.

In fact when his father had found a job for him at Kelloggs a cereal meal company, Modupe would dodge work for school. When his parents thought he was at work, he was University, the University of Johannesburg to be precise.

It wasn’t known by this name before though. He was afraid they would catch him but his school hours aligned with the working hours so they continued to believe his narrative.

Kagiso Modupe in real life

However, because of his mother’s lessons, Modupe found himself selling things at the varsity and he wasn’t ashamed. From then on he learnt a lot of financial skills of which he stuck by till to this day. In fact when Modupe got into the entertainment industry and started earning enough money for himself, he didn’t just blow it on useless things.

He actually chose to save most of the money and followed lessons from his father who had taught him to be humble and to have humility. This was a very good move because after he met his wife who was then his girl friend and she got pregnant.

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He was able to buy a house and move in with her and sustain her and their daughter. This would’ve been a bit more harder if he was very reckless with his money.

Kagiso Modupe’s own philosophy on Feminism

Well, you may not know a lot of out spoken feminists but, Modupe is one of those rare gems. Modupe is a feminist and believes in women empowerment. He even has a poem type of video on his YouTube channel titled “Hai Ndoda” which redicules the henious and patriachal tendencies of men to women. He is a stern activist against Gender Based Violence.

And more to that he’s a firm feminist and not only in word and mouth but in action. He spent millions of his money making opportunities for women. Not only in creating roles for them on set, but giving higher seats at the table in his productions. Some of these initiatives actually left Modupe very broke and without.

But he kept at it till he was able to see the fruits of it. In his film called “Loosing Lerato” Modupe declined millions from big Hollywood names because he had made a promise to co-star with his daughter.

Kagiso actually chose his daughter over millions of rands and didn’t think of her as a child who will forget, but as a girl child who needed empowerment. He went on to empower a lot of people in the local black commmunity especially women. This because he sees how men in power abuse their seats in the industry. So he counteracted that by making productions that hire mostly women.

Kagiso’s advice to the world

When asked what advice he would give people. Modupe said that people must just do it and not be ashamed of what people would say. “Just do it” he said. And recalled how his career went and cited that God was on his side.

This is one of the things that he said really helped him get what he wanted. And also the fact that he believed in himself. In fact he said that he would tell his 19 year old self to just go without looking back because he had it in him. And right now, he is the director at House of Zwide.

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