Who exactly is Greatman a Zimbabwean Singer

Greatman born 24 June1994, is a Zimbabwean Afro-fusion artist whose true name is Tongai Gwaze, is renowned for his distinctive combination of traditional and modern sounds. His popular songs and riveting live performances catapulted him to fame, winning over fans in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Biography profile of Greatman

Greatman Biography
Image of Tongai gwaze

Full name : Tongai Gwaze
Gender : Male
Age : 30 years old
Date of birth : 24 June 1993
Place of birth : Mhangura, Zimbabwe
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Singer
Facebook : Greatman Music

Early life

Greatman’s mother died in 1998, and his father Ratidzo Gwaze died in 1995, leaving him an orphan at a young age. Muchaneta Gwaze, Greatman’s grandmother, reared him. He claims that when he was born, his physical condition nearly caused his mother’s and father’s households to split apart, with one side blaming the other of being witches. Growing up in the Zimbabwean village of Mhangura, he had a challenging and traumatic upbringing because of his illness. Nevertheless, these encounters served as the impetus for his musical career, as he utilised his songs to motivate people and communicate his difficult life experience. But eventually, his condition was accepted by both families. His song Pandakazvarwa discusses the circumstances surrounding his birth. [1]

Education of Greatman

Great man went to Mhangura Secondary school where he used to perform at school functions and occasions. As he grew up at Mhangura he might have attended her primary education there. It is unknown how far Greatman went with education after Secondary school.

Career of Greatman

Greatman Biography
Image of singer Tongai Gwaze

Greatman attended Mhangura Secondary School for his high school education, where his musical career started. Considering his physical condition, the Chari brothers not only became his musical companions but also offered help and support when he linked up with them. Greatman’s tenacity and skill attracted the attention of the neighbourhood, and he began giving performances at school events and parties, winning over the staff and students alike.

Greatman’s debut album, “Chikara Muno,” which included nine tracks, was published in 2017. Diva, the son of seasoned musician Mitchel Jambo, produced and mastered the record. The record was released at Mhangura’s Matovanyika Farm, with assistance from ZimDigital. Greatman received acclaim from a variety of people for his tenacity and goal-oriented demeanour, including former diplomat Richard Jenami, who commended his pro-development and pragmatic outlook.

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Personal life

Greatman calls his spouse, Silibaziso Masara, his “sweetheart,” with affection. They met at the intersection of Julius Nyerere and Robson Manyika streets in the centre of Harare’s Central Business District, which is where their love story started. Greatman’s music enthralled Silibaziso, and the two struck up a conversation and swapped phone numbers. Silibaziso was pulled to Greatman’s skill and charisma even if he was already a fan of his music. [2]

Following several months of getting to know one another, Greatman declared his undying love for Silibaziso by popping the question. Emotionally overcome, Silibaziso finally agreed to his request. On February 6, 2022, the pair wed in a white wedding that took place in Mabvuku Talent Village Gardens. The couple were blessed with a boy, Karrane Gwaze, who was born in May 2021.

Wedding Debate

Sadly, Greatman and his family’s happiness was short-lived as they discovered they owed more than $2,500. Service providers surrounded them, demanding money for their services. Greatman and TEO Events, the firm in charge of raising money and planning the wedding, got into a disagreement. Greatman claimed that TEO Events had mismanaged gifts of cash and merchandise and had neglected to produce a financial statement or invoices detailing the donations’ use.

Obstacles and Fortitude

Over the course of his musical career, Greatman has encountered many obstacles. Financial limitations and a lack of encouragement from regional promoters have prevented him from reaching his full potential. He hasn’t let these challenges depress him or stop him from moving forward, though. Greatman has turned to doing street concerts in order to finance his music career and meet his family’s necessities. He depends on the kindness of strangers who offer money.

Greatman has gained respect and recognition in the music industry despite the difficulties he has faced thanks to his perseverance and commitment to his profession. Through his upbeat songs, he continues to inspire others and is a living example of the strength that comes from tenacity and resolve. [3]

Social media

Tongai gwaze has a Facebook page with 44K likes and 117K followers. The page name is Greatman Music it has information about her music and contact, also tells you about his occupation.