Donna Chasaya aka Chipo the trouble causer, age, education, Career and personal life

Born in 1992, Donna Chasaya is a 32-year-old Zimbabwean actress, comedian, tiktoker, and creator of sketches as of 2024. Donna is well-known as Chipo, the Naiza Boom troublemaker.

Biography profile of Donna Chasaya

Donna Chasaya biography
Image of Donna Chasaya

Full name  : Donna Chasaya

Gender  : Female

Date of birth  : 1992

Place of birth  : Mabvuku, Zimbabwe

Nationality  : Zimbabwean

Occupation  : Actress,  comedian, and Social media influencer and businesswoman

Instagram  : @chipo_the_trouble_causer

Facebook  : Chipo the trouble causer

Children  : 2

Early life

Popular Zimbabwean comedian, actress, and businesswoman Donna Chasaya referred to as Chipo the troublemaker. She is 31 years old and was born in 1992. Since her mother and father were not together, Dona was raised by her stepmother and father. She expressed gratitude to her stepmother for teaching her many valuable lessons.

She and her elder brother are the only children living with their parents. They are only four to his father. Chipo’s lack of funds prevented her from continuing her education. Chipo dropped out of school during her second term of form 2. [1]

Career of Chipo the trouble  causer

Chipo was a housemaid who moved to Mabvuku from the surrounding rural areas. Chipo claimed that because her supervisor liked her, she wanted to hang out with her at work. At that point, she concluded that Chipo need to quit her job as a maid and look for another. At work and at home, she felt at ease with Chipo on both sides.

When Chipo’s supervisor wasn’t there, she would use the landline to make money, which caused problems when she was left alone at home. Therefore, her boss gave her instructions to either return to the village or go with her to find clients on the street at Kopakabana. After that, she started making her own smartphone skits after being inspired by Mai Titi’s. After that, she persuaded his late husband Moyo that she could succeed, and Moyo gave her an opportunity. In addition to asking him to cover the cost of her performance at Naizaboom, where she gained the moniker Chipo the troublemaker, her spouse offered her support.

After performing for a while at Naizaboom, Chipo made the decision to begin writing her own sketches. The Director of Naizaboom gave her the name Chipo because of her talent or gift (chipo). In 2019, she began her acting career.

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Personal life of Donna Chasaya

Donna Chasaya biography
Image of Chasaya and her Children

As of July 2023, Chipo is a widower; his spouse passed away. Her husband’s cause of death is unknown. Together, Chipo and her spouse are parents to two children, whose names are not known. They are parents to a girl and a boy. [2]

Facebook page Disputation

Chipo used to be Madam Boss’s manager, Mhofela, her spouse. Chipo stated he would assist Mhofela get some endorsements that she required, in exchange for a share from her. For two weeks, they performed admirably. Mhofela agreed to do so, but he put it off. Chipo stated to Mhofu, “Let’s announce that we are cooperating because people might think the wrong way.”

Chipo and Mhofela were taken a photo by unknown and they started spreading rumors that they were dating. The truth is they were not dating. They proofed that by chats but the media could not believe it.

So they worked together and  he opened accounts for her. Donna’s account was not yet receiving money so he linked her page to his relatives in UK so that they receive the money and sent it. They then decide they should stop working together  so Donna was given her page back but without the details of monetization. It is unknown if she was able to speak to Mhofu for receiving money from her facebook page. [3]

Social media of Donna Chasaya

Chipo is on the following Social media platforms,  Facebook,  Instagram and YouTube we don’t know about Twitter and others. Donna has a facebook account as Donna Chasaya, and a page as Chipo the trouble causer.  Her facebook page has 517K followers and she is following 37. On her page there are so many beautiful pictures of her, family and friends as well as  videos and reels.    She is on Instagram as chipo_the trouble causer with 147 posts and 11,3K followers and following 399.