Coming up on Scandal this March 2022

Highlights on Scandal this March from episode 4030 to episode 44052. Scandal premieres on every week day at 7.30pm.

Scandal teasers March 2022
Scandal teasers March 2022.

First week (from 1 March to 4 March 2022)

Nhlamulo must summon all of his courage to persuade a dangerous guy to flee. Zenzele refuses his sibling’s apologies as his mother mends fences with her daughter-in-law. Dintle is on a catfish-catching expedition. One by one, a cornered kingpin loses his crucial allies. The Kubekas decide to call it a day. Freddie had a spending binge.

Friendships are repaired, business deals are signed, and vows are reaffirmed, yet some people are incarcerated. Dudu is in a dangerous situation and requires the assistance of a family member. Dintle’s ears begin to ring with warning bells. A doctor becomes a new local hero after an unexpected birth at Q’s Lounge. Lera will go to any length to ensure Dudu’s safety.

Second week (from 7 March to 11 March 2022)

When Jojo learns a disturbing reality, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Dr. Nyasha Mugari leaves an indelible impact on a member of the NFH staff. When Freddie tries to impress Rorisang, he is caught off guard. Vukile makes a dramatic move to salvage the company, but it is fraught with risk. Dr. Mugari is seduced by a lovely young lady.

Freddie uses deception to get out of a frying pan, but unwittingly jumps into the fire. Skhumba is dissatisfied when Vukile alters the script. When a lady leaves her husband at home to go out on a date with someone else, the unavoidable occurs. Gloria learns the truth about her tenant, but how will she deal with him?

In order to achieve their goals in business and in love, everyone goes to the dark side. Jojo rescues the day, but the deception unfolding in front of him blinds him. Dintle takes the risk of catching Freddie in his deception. A lady is remorseful for lying to her partner, but not remorseful enough to stop. Vukile is ready to enter a new realm, but does he realise what he’s getting himself into? Freddie creates his own vision of reality.

Third week on Scandal (from 14 March to 18 March 2022)

Hlengiwe crosses a line and is obliged to tell a lie as a result. Mbali deceives a doctor in order to appease her spouse. A mother returns home, hoping for a nice reunion with her daughter. The Kubeka family is at odds with one another after an unwanted visitor arrives. When a man is unable to contact the lady he loves, he is tormented. When her kid does not offer her what she desires, she is disappointed.

Every dream and ambition has reached a fork in the road. To ensure the future of the unborn, Mbali and Winnie must strike an agreement. Jojo and his honest ways fascinate Mukuna. Lera’s self-centered behaviour persists. For doing the right thing, Hlengiwe pays a high price.

Mukuna accepts a challenge in order to win Nomvula’s favour. Dintle lends a sympathetic ear to an old acquaintance. Mbali is suspicious of an affair, while Jojo is displeased with his new neighbour. Hlengiwe struggles to do the right thing, torn between her mind and her emotions. Ndu tries to reignite an old flame, but it is quickly extinguished.

Fourth week on Scandal (from 21 March to 25 March 2022)

Hlengiwe is forced to reveal her truth after being backed into a corner. Mbali enlists Zen’s help in her witch hunt, determined to learn the truth. At her wit’s end, a mother has a brilliant idea that will help her win over her son. Mbali is determined to uncover the truth, while another woman discovers that putting things to rest is far more difficult than she anticipated. An absent mother tries to form a bond with her son while he is away from his family.

Fifthy Week (from Monday 28 March 2022 to Thursday 31, 2022)

When a relationship reaches its breaking point, how can you terminate it when one party refuses to leave? Mbali is under increasing pressure, while Zen is disappointed to learn that something that makes him joyful has an expiration date. Gloria is shocked to hear a planned trip is to a destination a lot further away than she thought.

The return of a daughter warms a frigid heart, and the reality shocks a family. Amo goes all out, but will it be enough? Gloria is determined to get an invitation, but her daughter has other plans. To protect themselves, everyone lies. Amo is still fighting a losing battle. Ndumiso is being kept in the dark by Gontse. Vukile and Nomvula take dramatic measures to protect Dudu, despite Jojo’s suspicions about their newfound financial security.

Fifthy Week (from Monday 28 March 2022 to Thursday 31, 2022)

When Nomvula discovers what her son has been up to, she is astounded. Dintle and Stokkies are engulfed in the love-tempest. triangle’s Gontse’s startling plans are overheard by Gloria. A man finds it difficult to comprehend that “no” means “no.” Between a rock and a hard place, Vukile and Nomvula find themselves. Gloria gets heartbroken when she is unable to persuade someone to change their minds.

A family comes together to keep a daughter safe from potential heartbreak. Hlengiwe thinks her problems are over, but this isn’t the case. Gontse continues running into the exact problems she’s attempting to avoid. An unhealthy preoccupation develops. The Kubekas struggle to keep a secret from tearing them apart, but a wild card outsider throws a wrench in their preparations. Gloria issues an ultimatum to Gontse.