Coming up on Scandal this February 2022

Scandal teasers February 2022
Scandal teasers February 2022.

Here is what to expect on Scandal this February 2022. What will happen to Lindiwe’s marriage? Will Mdala stand up against Nhlamulo’s rage! What about the Khubekas’, what will happen to their business? Find out in the highlights below!

First week of Scandal (01st February to 4th February 2022)

The Kubeka’s first born Jojo suspicions lead him to confront Zen, and what he finds perplexes him. Mdala makes a startling discovery regarding his camp’s traitor. Nhlamulo is set up for a trap by Mdala, but will he fall into it? Lies, lies, lies everywhere, including among family members. The cops make an identikit of a man whose appearance is changing.

Nhlamulo’s ally is punished severely for cooperating with him, and he is forced to make a difficult decision. Vukile and Nomvula notice that something is amiss with their daughter and strive to figure out what it is. Dintle is undeterred by a “no,” and Freddie punches over his weight. An besieged kingpin is forced to embark on a desperate plot while attempting to heal fences with an old partner. As she attempts to put out some fires, a mother exposes herself to suspicion. Meanwhile, the comedy of mistakes of a jester continues.

Second Week on Scandal ( 7 February to 11 February 2022)

Secrets from the family, adultery, and an R500,000 problem When a woman’s life is on the line, an adversary is ruthless in his pursuit of vengeance. When a mother interrogates her daughter, she cracks. Freddie’s deception is beginning to unravel. Lindiwe is held accountable for her husband’s transgressions. A lover’s enquiring eyes spot a sibling who is too tempting to resist. In her quest to assist Freddie, Dintle runs upon yet another roadblock. When a young man approaches his adversary, he becomes perplexed. Lera catches Dudu in the act while he is in denial.

Dudu is about to make a shocking discovery. Freddie pretends to have more than he does to charm a woman. Vukile is caught between a rock and a hard place when Nomvula catches him red-handed. Dintle discovers that her kindness has been taken advantage of.

The third Week on Scandal (14 to 18 February 2022)

In order to gain a woman’s love, a man takes credit for another’s actions. Nomvula continues to compromise herself in order to protect her family. A younger woman is shown that romance is still alive and flourishing by an older man. Lindi discovers the shocking truth about Nhlamulo and makes a life-altering decision as a result. The gloves are removed between brother and brother. Freddie offers to assist Dintle when he has an issue. Both Mdala and Tlhogi believe they have a bright future ahead of them, but one is clearly mistaken. Nomvula suspects foul play in the disappearance of her son.

Freddie conceals evidence that would link him to a crime. Mdala might be juggling more problems than he can catch. Nomvula frets about the disappearance of a family member. Freddie’s ‘face’ passes through many hands but will he be recognised? Tlhogi plans to bring harm to her nemesis, while Mdala ultimately comes to a grim decision about our hero. Jojo’s secret turn awry, forcing him to bring in a confidant for help. Freddie’s moment of ‘fun’ is bust by Layla.

Freddie hides evidence that could be used to connect him to a crime. Mdala may be dealing with more issues than he can handle. Nomvula is concerned about a family member who has vanished. Will Freddie’s ‘face’ be recognised as he passes through many hands? Tlhogi plots to damage her foe, while Mdala makes an unfavourable conclusion concerning our protagonist. Jojo’s plan goes astray, prompting him to need the help of a trusted confidante. Layla interrupts Freddie’s ‘fun’ moment.

The Fourth Week on Scandal (21 to 28 of February 2022)

Nhlamulo finds an unlikely ally, as two scorned ladies band together to bring down a common foe. The Kubekas receive unpleasant news, and Nomvula unwittingly assigns the responsibility of uncovering the truth to the offender. Dintle finds another way to assist Freddie, not realising that it is exactly what Freddie needs to untangle his lies.
In a final showdown, guns are drawn and someone is shot. A Kubeka family member confesses all their faults after a perceived attack on Zen. Freddie is being pursued by the net.

Thieves have no respect for one another. Jojo is tormented by Zenzele’s silence. To avoid the reality, Freddie digs a deeper hole for himself. A woman is relieved when her activities go unnoticed, but she fears retaliation. When a man waits to hear if another will squeal, the silence is deafening. Freddie has the cops chasing their own tail while hiding in plain sight.

A confession throws a household into disarray. A secret is revealed as a couple makes resolutions to learn from their failures. At his new employment, Freddie crosses the line. Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s late-night outing has landed them in a compromising situation. The tension between Vukile and Nomvula reaches a breaking point. At Q’s Lounge, Freddie’s antics cause havoc.