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Bohlokwa Mpiti is a 26-year-old South African actor best known for playing the role of Zachariah or Zak from Rhythm City, the former soapie. He also appeared in other dramas and films including an international series ‘The Quad’ alongside Laurence Fishburne. In 2021 he landed a role of playing Zanemvula in a Showmax drama Umnisamvula.

Biography Facts

Bohlokwa Mpiti aka Zak from Rhythm City or Zanemvula from Umnisamvula.
Image of Bohlokwa Mpiti aka Zak from Rhythm City or Zanemvula from Umnisamvula.

Full name: Bohlokwa Larona Mpiti
Gender: Male
Date of birth: April 29, 1996 (age- 26 years old)
Place of birth: DiepKloof, Soweto, Gauteng Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor
TV Shows: Rhythm City, The Quad
Years Active: 2016 to present

Early life of Bohlokwa Larona Mpiti

Bohlokwa Larona Mpiti was born in the large zone of Soweto township of DiepKloof in Gauteng Province in South Africa. He was born on 29 April 1996. Bohlokwa was also raised in DiepKloof by his parents who raised him with Christian values.

Growing up in the township, Bohlokwa didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up. While speaking to Daily Sun (one of South African news paper), he recalled that when he was doing grade 8 they had a career day and everyone had to choose what they wanted to be but he didn’t know yet what was his dream career.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but I’m a strong believer in God, so I prayed. I asked Him to show me what I was supposed to be.” he said. He added again by saying, “I took drama as one of my subjects in grade 10, and I’ve been acting since then.”

Education of Larona Mpiti

Bohlokwa did drama in high school from the tenth grade until matric. After that he enrolled to study arts which involved directing and writing at AFDA Academy. In 2017 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Live Performance.

Acting career of Bohlokwa Mpiti

Bohlokwa Mpiti aka Zak from Rhythm City or Zanemvula from Umnisamvula.
Image of Zak from Rhythm City.

In 2016 before he could even graduate, he started shooting an international drama series ‘The Quad’ alongside Orlando Jones and Laurence Fishburne making his first appearance probably in 2020. He also appeared in several theatre plays including the 2017 theatre drama called F.I.R.E by Best Stage Production. In November 2017 he starred in Bomb Production film ‘Umsolwa’ which premiered in cinemas on the 25th of November 2017. [ ¹]

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In May 2020 he was casted as Clevy in SABC2 drama series Bone of My Bones making his debut appearance on the 14th of May. The series casted big names such as Motlatsi Mafatshe and others like Kgaugelo Mosomane.

In October 2020 he made his debut appearance as Zak Lukhele in former soapie Rhythm City making his first appearance on the 9th of October. Zak was Ziyanda’s (by Linda Sokhulu) first born son and her secret love child with Khulekani (by Mncedisi Shabangu). When viewers met Zak Lukhele, he was a young boy who was given away at birth, he had come to meet his mother for the first time in 20 years and was also in search of his Father. [ ²]

In December 2021 he landed a starring role of playing Zanemvula Meyiwa in Umnisamvula, a Showmax drama series. Zanemvula is a young man who was abandoned by his parents because he was blind. Even though he is an outcast, he has a gift of summoning rain, something that his parents didn’t know when they abandoned him.

Personal life of Bohlokwa Mpiti

Image of Bohlokwa Mpiti with his beautiful girlfriend in one picture!
Image of Bohlokwa Mpiti with his beautiful girlfriend in one picture!

Bohlokwa has one child, a girl, with his baby mother whom we believe is his current girlfriend. He believes in putting them first by taking them out on vacations. He is on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. One can get acquainted of his personal life by following him on those platforms.

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