Big changes coming to content. Disappointment and excitement coming

Big changes coming
Big changes are coming to content.

E tv has announced that big changes are coming to Days of our Lives is leaving eTV, and the network is bracing for the backlash. The popular soap opera was picked up by the channel in 2017, after it had previously aired on SABC.

The soapie will be discontinued from 11 April.

Now eMedia is looking to focus more on local content.

According to Marlon Davids of, they felt it was the perfect moment for a change.

“It was a difficult decision for us to make. We believed the time had come to concentrate on a much more local culture. And we know we’ll be inundated with phone calls since Days of Our Lives viewers are devoted.”

According to him, the scheduling alteration was necessary to produce a specific flow of content.

“We are discontinuing certain procedural franchises like as Chicago PD, Fire, Med, and MacGyver.” We’ll see how we can get some of them to move. [ ¹]

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“In terms of movies, will host a local film festival on Saturdays between April and the end of June.” We’ve put a lot of money into new films. “I believe that the money we are investing on local programming is also beneficial to our viewers.” We’ll eventually get to the point where we can have a movie of the week that is a local production.”

How the 90 min slot will be arranged

More changes are on the way for e-commerce. Helga Palmer,’s head of local productions, explains that beginning on April 11, there will be a 90-minute local content slot interspersed with news.

The block will contain Isono from season 1, which was previously only available on BET, Imbewu at 9pm [which has been moved up from 9.30pm], and the new show, The Black Door.

“We begin with Durban Gen, then House of Zwide, and finally Scandal!” at 8 p.m., the news When you return at 8.30 p.m., it’s Isono, and we’ve relocated Imbewu. This time, we listened to our viewers who said they wanted to watch the show but it was too late. Could you please move it earlier?

“Because the 9.30pm slot does so well, we decided to take full use of it, and now we can put some adult content on that time.” We issued a request: offer us something raunchy, some sex, and all that nudity. And we chose The Black Door, which will be released on April 11th. That is our next local content treatment.”

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