Aya Msani Biography, age, education, career and Discography

Aya Msani, a South African musician, award-winning actor, and production manager, was born in 1997 (at the age of 25). She is well known for her album Ithemba.

Biography profile of Aya Msani

Aya Msani Biography
Image of Aya Msani

Full name : Aya Cathalia Msani
Gender : Female
Age : 25 years old
Date of birth : 1997
Place of birth : Marburg, Kwazulu natal province
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actor, Musician and production manager
Instagram : @Aya Msani

Private life and education of Aya Msani

Cathalia Msani was born in 1997 in Marburg, in the South African province of Kwazulu-Natal. She received her education from AFDA The School of Creative Economy. She works for Eccentric Circus productions as a musician, production manager, and coordinator. At the moment, Aya resides in Johannesburg. [1]

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Career of Aya Msani

Aya Msani Biography
Image of musician Aya Msani

I’m a young, black lady who has pursued a career in performance. I enjoy art and performing, and I’m a thespian.I am an AFDA student who believes that the South African entertainment sector has a bright future. I am intelligent and a hard worker. I enjoy what I do and I take my work seriously. In 2017, I played the role of Prudence in a movie called Kwagebhezi. I played the character of Zola in the 2019 movie uBabakhe from Mzansi Magic.

I portrayed a student in the Mzansi Magic movie “Ha’we Ma” as a supporting character. [2]


According to the investigation, there is currently no information about her partner or intimate relationship. As soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know because her Facebook page lists Complecated relationship status. [3]


. Solo Riding
. Get it
. Catch Me
. Long Run
. Hold Back
. Scared
. Don’t
. Thandolwethu (feat. M… Trap Monate )
. Stay (feat. Taura Montana)
. Fast first time
. Ithemba


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