Who exactly is Sibulele Ntlebi AKA Nolitha from Isitha : The Enemy

Sibulele Ntlebi is a South African actress and social worker born on 19 December 1997. She is currently known for playing the role of Nolitha on Isitha, The Enemy.

Biography profile of Sibulele Ntlebi

Sibulele Ntlebi Biography
Image of Sibulele Ntlebi

Full name : Sibulele Ntlebi
Gender : Female
Age : 26 year old (2023)
Date of birth : 19 December 1997
Place of birth : Eastern Cape, South Africa
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actress and Social media
Instagram : @s._ntlebi

Early life of Sibulele

South African actress Sibulele Ntlebi hails from East London, in the Eastern Cape. Given that she was born on December 19, 1997, she will be 25 years old in 2022. Although little is known about her early years, she was greatly inspired by her mother. She is the cause of her decision to pursue an artistic career. Because she believed that the gift she possessed was a result of her mother, everything is about her and not about her.

“It was never about me in this. My mother has always been the focus. The woman who gave me this gift and granted me the privilege of continuing her work. She who emanates from within and through me. I sense her every time I perform on stage. alive and breathing through me. Enkosi, mom. [1]

Education of Sibulele Ntlebi

At the University of Western Cape, she pursued a social work degree. She currently holds a degree from the Western Cape. Her high school and elementary schools’ histories are unclear.

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Career of Sibulele

She developed an early interest in acting when she was 4 and 5 years old. During that period, she used to perform alongside her mother. So, that is how my fascination in acting began. She made an appearance on a theatrical drama in 2021 called Curse of the Womb. She portrayed an infertile woman in the primary role. She was cast in another role on The Black Door in 2022, this time as Nolitha Sokhulu.

Nolitha Sokhulu is Chuma’s wife. a hardworking, domesticated makoti who lost her job recently and is lamenting the loss of her young spouse. She is aware that she should look for more for herself, but she lacks the self-assurance to dream big. She’s starting to lose hope because she’s never desired anything more than to be a wonderful wife and mother. The plot gets more difficult when she gets pregnant, but you’ll never guess who the father is. [2]

Other interests if Sibulele Ntlebi

Sibulele Ntlebi Biography
Image of Sibulele

She runs the Sibulele Ntlebi YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel is all aboutm being gritty, genuine, and real. She also enjoys acting on the channel, giving monologues and Vlogs with audition advice, and other performing arts. Sibulele produces a podcast under the name MrBPodcast. Right there, she conducted some interviews with various folks.

Social media

She has a Sibulele Ntlebi @s.ntlebi Instagram account. She gave 63 posts with 3.3K followers and following 1.8K. is more active here than on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You may follow her on Twitter and Facebook under the handle Sibulele Ntlebi.

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