Who exactly is Seneo Mabengano Full Biography, Career and personal life

Botswana is where Seneo Mabengano is originally from. She was once Miss Botswana and is now an actress best known for playing Khumo on Muvhango. In 2022, the actress will be 26 years old, having been born in 1996.

Biography profile of Seneo Mabengano

Biography of Seneo Mabengano
Image of Seneo Mabengano

Full name : Seneo Paige Mabengano
Gender : Female
Age : 27 years old
Date of birth : 1996
Place of birth : Botswana
Nationality : Botswana
Occupation : actress
Known as : Khumo from Muvhango
Instagram : @Seneo Bambino
Facebook : Seneo Mabengano
Height : 1.73m

Early life of Seneo Mabengano

Life hasn’t always been simple for Seneo. She lost her mother when she was just 13 years old. and her grandparents raised her and her brother after her aunt and her husband, whom she regards to be her parents, did. Seneo, who was brought up in the Selebi Pinkwe neighbourhood.

She was raised in a traditional home and loved and respected her grandparents, who were essential in moulding her into the woman she is today. She feels lucky to have grown up with my grandparents and with such a deeply embedded cultural background.

Gorgeous arrival to Muvhango and a former Miss Botswana. Seneo Mabengano is set to become the centre of attention thanks to her role in the SABC 2 drama. The 27-year-old actress portrays Khumo, a motivated person who consistently succeeds in attaining what she wants. She is half Motswana and half Greek. [1]

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Career of Seneo Mabengano

Since 2015, Mabengano has made headlines, but in her own Botswana. She is a beauty queen; she was named Miss Botswana in 2015 and held the title until 2016. The advantages of being Miss Botswana for all time come with the crown.

Seneo got the chance to travel the world and even participate in a Miss Universe international competition as the year’s reigning queen. Even after her reign came to an end, Seneo kept travelling, which helped her career in the spotlight take off. She got residency in South Africa, Botswana, and Malawi after beginning to focus on the television profession.

Seneo will make his acting debut on Muvhango. He is talented in both acting and gorgeous art. At Gaborone, she had her first audition. Botswana following any social media comments made by the Muvhango casting staff. She was subsequently chosen from a smaller group for the South African auditions’ second round. She states she was pleasantly surprised when she received the call informing her that she had been chosen for the role. [2]

The character of Khumo on Muvhango

Biography of Seneo Mabengano
Image of actress Seneo Mabengano

When Khumo first made an appearance, she paid a visit to James’ mother in jail, which resulted in the older woman’s death by strangulation. Khumo entered James’s life after killing Mopone and infiltrated his household while posing as the kind girl. She made sure that no one thought that Khumo had sold her to traffickers and turned James against their sister, Itseng.

Miss Botswana

When the actress was living in Botswana, she first entered the entertainment industry as a model and participated in beauty pageants. At the youthful age of 19, Seneo won the coveted Miss Botswana title in 2015, beginning her journey into the spotlight, which did not finish in Botswana alone. She later went on to represent the nation at the Miss World pageant that same year, but she did not take home the crown despite the fact that she made the nation proud. [3]

Social media

Seneo is active on social media with so many beautiful pictures. The gorgeous lady have an Instagram account with 170 posts with 19,5K followers and she is following 992. On Facebook she followed by 56K and following 1.1K.


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