Watch Kanye Mbau giving her thought on Alcohol ban

Kanye Mbau
Kanyisile Mbau

Kanye Mbau gave her thoughts on lockdown restriction of alcohol ban. She believes it is destroying the livelihood of South Africans.

South Africa is going through lockdown as a way of reducing the spread of Corona Virus. And every lockdown it goes through is associated with certain restrictions. One of the major restriction for minimizing the spread of the virus is social distance and a ban in alcohol and tobacco sales.

Now, Kanyisile Mbau who is professionally known as Kanye Mbau has given her thoughts on alcohol ban. She tweeted a video in which she wanted to know either if alcohol ban during lock down is a solution to the covid19 spread or not. The South African actress and TV host went on to explain how alcohol ban has caused a lot of unemployment in the country.

“… is it really serving the purpose of helping the numbers go down? Has there been a change ever since the 30 first of December?” She asked.

Kanye Mbau proceeded by saying she isn’t asking from arrogance but she said she was asking because 160 000 people has lost their jobs because of alcohol ban. Most alcohol producing companies has closed and people are losing their jobs, this means most families are starving because of alcohol ban.

The TV host and actress said her inbox is full of messages of people asking her for work. She believes that the government should implement other lockdown regulations that will allow the alcohol to be sold during lockdown without causing mass gathering which result in the spread of the virus.

Watch the video below where she gave post!

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