Watch Jub Jub ft Dr Rebecca Malope producing Ndikhokhele remix

Jub Jub and Dr Rebecca Malope
Jub Jub and Dr Rebecca Malope

Recently Jub Jub went public about his plan to compensate the families he offended during his Cardrag racing. During his press conference, Jub Jub vowed to compensate the families of children he killed in a car drag racing accident. He promised that he is going to take all the profits of his NdiKhokhele remix.

The rapper announced the remake of the song at a press conference at Cotton Lounge, north of Johannesburg, on Wednesday evening. The song features the likes of Benjamin Dube, Rebecca Malope, Mlindo The Vocalist, Judith Sephuma, Lebo Sekgobela, Black Diamond and Nathi.

The remix is going to feature Now it looks like the rapper and Uyajola 9/9 star is already taking his first step to fulfill his promises.

Today the rapper Jub Jub went to twitter and posted a video of him and Rebecca Malope in the studio. In the posted video, Rebecca was behind the mic studio singing the chorus of Ndikhokhele remix song, while Jub Jub and the studio producer were nodding to the tune of the music.

The twitter was titled “I bring you @dr_Rebecca_Malope dimaaamzo o lady lam”.

This is really promising, it shows that Jub Jub want to do the right thing to the offended families. The singer, rapper and actor did acknowledge that what he is going to do to those families will not bring back their children. But he also showed why it was necessary to do so since some of those children would have grown to be bread winners of their families.

Check out the twitter below: