Terrence Chirinda AKA Jatiwero from Naizabom, age, education and Acting

Born in 1992, Terrence Chirinda is an actor and comedian from Zimbabwe on You Tube. At the age of thirty-two, he gained notoriety by playing the part of Jatiwero Matemai in Naizaboom movies.

Biography profile of Terrence Chirinda

Terrence Chirinda biography
Image of Terrence aka Jati

Full name  : Terrence Chirinda

Gender  : Male

Age : 33 years old

Date of birth  : 1992

Place of birth  : Wedza, Zimbabwe

Nationality  : Zimbabwean

Occupation  : Actor and comedian

Instagram  : Jatiwero Matemai

Facebook  : Jatiwero Matemai

Early life

Terrence’s birthplace was Wedza, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe, in 1992. Terrence played soccer both at home and in school as a child. Growing up, he never had any experience with acting. Not a lot of information is available on his past. No details regarding his current upbringing, parents, siblings, or other family members are available. [1]

Terence Chirinda Education

Terrence was raised in Wedza, where he also attended Chamutupizana Primary School for his elementary education. After that, he went to Nhumwa Secondary School in Marondera for his secondary education. He completed his O level coursework at Mutondwe High School, Mount Darwen.

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Career of Chirinda  Terrence

Terrence Chirinda biography
Image of Jati from Fourseason Media

When Terrence met with the director of Naizaboom in 2017, he began acting. They intended to film a music video for a song written by his director. He had the opportunity to appear in the following 2017 films: Misodzi Yemoyo, Mavanga Erdo, and Gangster Forest. They claimed they lacked the knowledge to post on the internet at the time. They produced CDs and sold them to generate revenue.

He claimed that the performers Gringo, Paraffin, Mukadota, and others from Zimbabwe had influenced him before he even met the director of Naizaboom. The entertainers and comedians of their era, who could make you laugh nonstop, served as his inspiration. Even though he didn’t grow up acting, they helped him develop a love for it. He remarked his best skit from Naizaboom was  Brigwa Repa Christmas  that’s his favorite one. Currently Terrence left Naiza boom because of Salary problems. He is now at Fourseason Media Zim. [2]

Personal life of Jatiwero

Despite his claim that all artists strive for excellence, Jatiwero’s favorite musician is Alick Macheso. After beginning his acting career in 2017, Jatiwero was able to purchase his first vehicle in April 2022. Jatiwero clarified to Saint TV that he is single with a single child that he is raising.

Social networks

Jatiwero is accessible on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media networks. He goes as Jatiwero Matemai on Instagram, where he has 10,8K followers and 22 posts. Terrence is going with the 2332. In addition, you can find him full-time on YouTube and on Facebook under the name Jatiwero Matemai.