Some interesting facts about Botlhale Boikanyo

Botlhale Boikanyo who plays Ompile Ngema from Scandal
Botlhale Boikanyo who plays Ompile Ngema from Scandal

First of all, Botlhale Boikanyo is a South African actress, poet and youtuber from the North West province in South Africa. She was the 2012 South Africa’s got talent winner for her astounding poetic talent.

Botlhale continued to write more poetry and eventually ventured into acting. While most information about the young actress is readily available everywhere. Today we will not be a replica of what you’ll find scattered around google. We will share some interesting and new information about her.

Botlhale Boikanyo is a sitting graduate and youtuber

While you see her on Television being a star. Botlhale is a graduate and she’s barely using her degree. She graduated with a degree in Motion Pictures, specializing in Producing and Directing. However, she has not yet used that degree anywhere in her life yet. Moreover, she laughed about the idea that her mother called her unemployed.

And, went on to add that doing youtube counted for her as “something right?”. Boikanyo is a youtuber and she shares just her everyday life and thoughts. Which is really interesting. Her channel is very young, but it has amassed a cult following of up to 13 thousand subscribers. Which is a huge number for a channel that is barely a year old.

Some of Botlhale’s favourite characteristics about herself

In fan inspired video, where Botlhale was answering her fans’ questions, she talked a bit about herself. One of the questions that were posed on her was what were some her favourite characteristics about herself. To this she answered that she believes she is kind. “I think it is so important to be kind to each other” she said, trying to explain why she highly believes in kindness.

Shw also believes she is a hard worker. “I’m also a hard worker, I think I’m gonna put it out there” said the actress and poet. Botlhale doesn’t just believe in dreaming but in “putting in the work” to “bring your dreams to fruition.” Which says a lot about how far she has come as a person and as a creative.

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Boikanyo is also confident, this one is self evident but she also sees it in herself. “Sometimes I’m a bit too confident” she said. The young actress and poet was the winner of the 2012 SA’s got Talent competition. Which she won through her confident poetic talent. Furthermore, to no one’s surprise, she also thinks she’s “a bit talent”. Everyone else will agree, that this was an understatement, the actress is highly talented and loved.

Botlhale Boikanyo wanted to be a Chartered accountant for all the wrong reasons

Botlhale Boikanyo who plays Ompile Ngema from Scandal
Botlhale Boikanyo who plays Ompile Ngema from Scandal

According to Botlhale, growing up she had so many aspirations. This included wanting to be a singer, a doctor, a dancer and many more. However, one thing that stayed consistent with her was her 6th grade passion. She wanted to be a Chartered accountant. But, as time went and she was off school, Botlhale realized it was for all the wrong reasons.

She found out it wasn’t anything she ever wanted, neither was it anything she enjoyed. However, as it unfolded to her, she was only considering the career because of its financial security. As well as believe it or not, the fact that the word sounded “fancy” to her at the time. So, as soon as she saw the reality of it and how to tackle it. Botlhale decided to pursue what she loved, regardless of the risk.

Botlhale Boikanyo is afraid of disappointing those who believe in her

When asked by one of her fans, what her greatest fear was? Botlhale pondered the question and said “I’m afraid of not living up to my fullest potential.” As it turns out, she is afraid of not living up to what she believes is her full potential.

This as she says is because she believes in God’s plan for her. That she was created for excellence and so, not being excellent is one of her fears. She also added that she was equally afraid of disappointing her fans and her family. “People who believe in me, like my family and you (Fans)” she said in the self-produced interview.

Botlhale Boikanyo started falling inlove with Acting in High school

Okay, for those of you asking yourself how the poet knew she wanted to do poetry. Do sit back and relax, as we try to unravel the mystery. So, according to Botlhale, she only started falling inlove with Acting in high school. This is because she actually studied drama in high school and enjoyed.

However, she did highlight that the stage version of acting is a bit exaggerated and had to learn to tone it down when it comes to television. This is because, in theatre, the actors have to keep the audience’s attention because everything is live and therefore actors exaggerate actions and sounds. Which isn’t the case in a television setting which is usually filmed in a studio. However, she is still adjusting and to some extent is figuring it out.

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