Slindokuhle Shabangu Biography, age, education, career and social media

Slindokuhle Shabangu is a 22 year old South African actress known for playing the role of Young Mary.

Biography profile of Slindokuhle Shabangu

Slindokuhle Shabangu Biography
Image of Slindokuhle Shabangu

Full name : Slindokuhle Shabangu
Gender : Female
Age : 22
Date of birth : 10 March 2001
Place of birth : Johannesburg, Gauteng province
Nationality : South African
Occupation : actress, Theatre and performance Student

Early life and personal life

We don’t know anything about her background and family members. We have no information of how she grew and where she grew up but will update you as soon as we find out more about it. We only see her posting a video on  Instagram with  her mom. Slindokuhle is fluent in English and IsiZulu. The height of Slindokuhle Shabangu is estimated about 1.53 cm and wears size 5 on shoes. Her waist 32 and t.shirt medium. [1]

Education of Slindokuhle Shabangu

Slindokuhle went for training of Market Theatre Laboratory and have a Certificate in Theatre and performance studies and full time course.


Career of Slindokuhle Shabangu

Slindokuhle Shabangu Biography
Image of actress Slindokuhle

Slindokuhle is known for playing the role of young Mary on BET’s Isono she is currently acting on the soapie Nikiwe. She also featured in Gomora as a Cameo role. She is also in Theatre productions from 2020 she acted on Matintela, The pillow man and Josias Molefe. Other skills of Slindokuhle are directing, clowning, improvising and Poetry. [2]


It is not known whether Shabangu is single or not. There is information about her boyfriend as she never post anything about and she never posted a boy on her social media.

Social media

Slindokuhle Shabangu has an Instagram account with beautiful pictures. She has 101 posts with 43.4 K followers and she is following 347. She doesn’t have an active Facebook account we don’t know about Twitter and other accounts.

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  • […] Slindokuhle is well-known for portraying young Mary in the BET television series Isono. She is presently appearing in the soap opera Nikiwe. She also had a cameo appearance in Gomora. She has also participated in theatrical shows since 2020, appearing in Josias Molefe, The Pillow Man, and Matintela. Slindokuhle also has directing, clowning, improvising, and poetry skills. [2] […]

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