10 Mzansi Celebs Who are Botswana Citizens 

South Africa is a rainball nation which accomodates people of varios races, religion and nations. Foreigners are welcome to work and participate in entertainment industry without fear of being hated.  we are going to look at 10 South African Celebrities who are Botswana Citizens. .  

 Number 1, Angela Atlang

Mzansi Celebs who are Botswana Citizens
Image of Angela Atlang

We know Angela Atlang for playing the role of Itseng Motsamai in Muvhango and those from her country know her for beauty pageant. But most people from South African might be shocked to hear that Angela Atlang is Botswana Citizen. She was born and raised in Maun Township, located in Botswana’s North-West district. [1]

Number 2, Sharon Seno

Mzansi Celebs who are Botswana Citizens
Image of Sharon Seno

The second actor and celebrity who South Africans have known to belong to them is Sharon Seno. The actor is known for playing Marang Motsoaledi in Muvhango. The star was born in Botswana where she grew up and join the beauty pageant. After that she relocated to South Africa to pursue acting. 

Number 3, DJ Fresh

Mzansi Celebs who are Botswana Citizens
Image of DJ Fresh

Thato Sikwane who has become famous for deejaying in South Africa as DJ Fresh was born in Botswana in 1972. He grew up in Botswana to become a DJ but later moved to South Africa to pursue his career in deejaying and other businesses. He got married in South Africa to Thabiso Sikwane in 2002 before divorcing with her in 2020. 

Number 4, Joyce Skefu

Mzansi Celebs who are Botswana Citizens
Image of Joyce Skefu

Best known for playing the role of Maletsatsi Khumalo on Scandal is Joyce Skefu. She was born in Botswana in 1964 and later moved to Soweto, Gauteng in South Africa. After finishing her degree in beauty Therapy, she became an actress in South African television. She appeared on Muvhango where she debuted and on ther soapies like Abomama, Lithapo and Imposter. 

Number 5, Vee Mampezy

Mzansi actors who are Botswana Citizens
Image of Vee Mampezy

Vee whose real name is Odirile Ishmael Sento who became very famous around Africa with his 2004 song “Taku Taku” was born in Botswana in 1983. He is well known in South Africa because he spent most of his time there doing gigs. South Africans has totally forgotten that Vee is not South African born but a Motswana who loved to spent time at his Neighbours. [2]

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Number 6, Kaone Kario

Mzansi Celebs who are Botswana Citizens
Image of Kaone Kario

Born in 1986 in Botswana is Kaone Kario who now lives in South Africa. She is an influencer, model and an actress best known for winning the Nokia Face of Africa title in 2005. Kaone is also known for her starring as Leano in South African drama, the Vuzu Amp drama series aYeYe.  

Number 7, Connie Ferguson

Mzansi Celebs who are Botswana Citizens
Image of Connie Ferguson

If you are a television lover, then you probably bumped into Connie Ferguson. She is best known for playing the role of Karabo Moroka in Generations and for playing Harriet Khoza in The River and The Queen. She was born in Lobatse, Botswana so she is Motswana, but she has spent most of her life in South Africa. She was married to the late Shona Ferguson who was from Botswana. This takes us to number 8.  

Number 8, Shona Ferguson

Mzansi Celebs who are Botswana Citizens
Image of Shona Ferguson

Shona was the people’s favourite on South African televisions. He starred in Kings of Joburg which he also produced in his founded company. Shona was born in Gaborone, Botswana where he grew up. After that he initiated his career in entertainment which he started in Lesotho where he was a DJ. Later on, he moved back to Botswana and then to South Africa where he pursued a career in Acting and producing movies.[3]

Number 9, Mogakolodi Ngele 

He is a football star born in Gaborone, Botswana but is now based in South Africa where he plays for Chippa United. He once played for Sundowns from 2015 to 2019. Most people are not aware that he is Botswana born citizen because they are used to see him on South African television. 

Number 10, Koketso Mophuting

She starred in Botswana television series Thokolosi, before relocating to South Africa where she did a BA in Live Performance at AFDA. In South Africa she appeared in Mzansi Magic drama miniseries Single Mothers, in 2013 as Gugu. This role made her famous and she even appeared in Isibaya, The Bantu Hour and The Throne.