Sharon Seno: known as Marang, biography facts

Sharon Seno is well known as Marang on Muvhango. She is a Slay-Queen on the show. Here is her biography facts.

Sharon Seno- also known as Marang on Muvhango

Biography profile

Name: Sharon Seno
Born: June 12, 1994
Occupation: Actress
Place of birth: Kanye village, Botswana
Nationality: Botswana 
Place of residence: South Africa

Biography Background:

Sharon Seno is a Motswana actress born on June 12, 1994. She was born and raised in Kanye village, Botswana. Sharon was born in a family of three and she is a second born of her mother
Naledi Seno. Her older brother named Thabiso, studied architectural design and her younger
brother, Talent, who studied heavy plant mechanics.

Sharon was shy in her childhood because other kids used to tease her for being tall. This reduced her self-esteem and she thought she was, perhaps ugly, because she was tall and had big lips. Her mother, Naledi Seno, couldn’t shake these insecurities by encouraging to love herself. So, back in Botswana, her mother would take her to TV shows and auditions for adverts, but she struggled with low self-esteem. But everything turned around when she was approached by a modelling scout, that’s when she realized the beauty in her stature.

Sharon Seno: Career

Her mother, Naledi Seno, took her to TV shows and auditions for adverts, but she struggled with low self-esteem. Until a modelling scout approached her to join modelling, thats when she started appreciating herself, and that was the beginning of her career. Ever since then, she dedicated her life to modelling. She started modelling at the age of 13, in Botswana.

When she was 17 years old, a modelling director once asked her to take off her clothes in order to pass the auditions, but Sharon refused because she is not a kind of person who is willing to use her body to reach her destiny or sleep her way to the top.

Before she auditioned for Muvhango, Sharon starred in Botswana drama series, Colors and Ntwakgolo. When interviewed with News24, Sharon claimed to have reached top five of Miss
Botswana in 2013.

Sharon Seno- Marang Phala from Muvhango

When Sharon moved to Johannesburg in 2018, she moved from one acting audition to another but she couldn’t stand a chance. Until she auditioned for Muvhango, where she was chosen to
act as Marang Phala. Muvhango auditioning judges found her as best suited for the character of so-called slay queen, beautiful body full of make up, and long weaves. Sharon claims she is
nothing like that but to her surprise she was chosen for this role. Marang is a young executive PA for James Motsamai (played by Dengaan Khumalo), a husband to Moliehi Zikhala ( played by
Vatiswa Ndara).

Sharon Seno is giving back

Sharon Seno owns a company called Models Empowerment Association in Botswana. She is mentoring 19 women in her home country.

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