Sbu Nkosi Biography, age, education, personal life and Networth

S’busiso Romeo Nkosi, also referred to as Sbu Nkosi, is a professional rugby union player who competes for the Bulls in the United Rugby Championship and the South African National team. Nkos typically plays as a winger. One of the most well-known athletes in South Africa, he is renowned for his swiftness and excellent on-field abilities.

Biography profile of Sbu Nkosi

Sbu Nkosi Biography
Image of Sbu Nkosi

Full name : Sbusiso Romeo Nkosi
Date of birth : 21 January 1996
Place of birth : Barberton, South Africa
Education : University of KwaZulu-Natal
Height : 1.81m
Occupation : Rugby player
Net worth : $1 million
Nationality : South African

Early life of  Sbu Nkosi

Romeo S’busiso Nkosi was born on January 21st, 1996, in Barberton, South Africa. The day after his birthday, January 21, 2022, he turned 26. Sbu Nkosi appears to be close with his parents, however nothing is known about them.

He was discovered in his father’s home in the beginning of December 2022, three weeks after the Rugby star had gone missing (and after his club had filed a missing person report with the police).

His career’s mental strain reportedly led him to withdraw to his father’s home in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga. His father was aiding in his recovery. According to a press report, Sbu’s father told the media, “This is my kid, not a Rugby player.”

I’m much better, Sbu told News24. I certainly can’t say a lot out loud, but things are getting better. Just a tonne of mental pressure has been present. All I was doing was trying to remain cool. That has been a struggle. I’ve reached the stage where I must put the other person’s needs ahead of the rugby player. [1]

Why did he run away to his father?

“I just needed time,” he said in reference to visiting his father. My dad has basically been regulating my mental condition every day as I’ve been curled up in a ball with him.

“In no way am I unique, exceptional, or different. Regardless of where you are in the hierarchy, I believe it is something that needs to be given a little more attention. It’s a rollercoaster all the time. The way the boys handle the emotional upheaval that comes with good and terrible times may require a little work.

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Education of Sbu Nkosi

Sbu Nkosi Biography
Image of rugby player Sbu

Following his transfer to Jeppe High School for Boys, Sbu Nkosi attended Barberton High School. In order to pursue his education, he also enrolled at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. [2]

Personal life

Sbu Nkosi has kept information about his romantic relationships private. He may or may not be dating someone right now. He has, however, uploaded pictures of his daughter to social media. Sbu Nkosi stands at 181 cm. He is a tall man at 5’11”.

Net Worth of Sbu Nkosi

The general public is unaware of Sbu Nkosi’s exact net worth estimation. He hasn’t mentioned it, and neither has anyone on his team. However, his career as a professional rugby union player and his endorsement deals.

As well as well-known companies show that he has plenty of cash on hand. His estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $2 million, according to several media sources. This estimate is still pending confirmation. [3]