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Princess Nyalleng Thibedi
Nyalleng Thibedi known as Zekhethelo from Uzalo

Nyalleng Thibedi is a South African actress born in Rockville, Soweto in Johannesburg. She is one of the most loved actresses on Uzalo playing Zekhethelo. In this article we will dive into some very interesting facts about her life.

1. Nyalleng Thibedi has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering

She may seem like a person who’s not into science and maths, but Nyalleng is quite the Einstein behind the beauties. They say beauty and brains don’t mix but, this is only proof to the contrary. Nyalleng Thibedi has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering which she got from the University of Cape Town. Moreover, she has another Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic arts all the way from New York where she studied for it.

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2. Nyalleng Thibedi is turning 41 years of age as of 2021

Nyalleng Thibedi
Nyalleng Thibedi contrary to common preconception is actually in her early 40s. Turning 41 as of 2021.

Born on the 8th of September 1980, Nyalleng Thibedi is turning 41 this year. Many people on Social media still think she is in her late 20s or early 40s. They couldn’t be more wrong. The genes really blessed her with a good genotype.

3. Thibedi has one Child

Yes, Thibedi is a mother of one. It doesn’t mean that she’s married or in a relationship though as the logic might follow. Nyalleng has one son who’s turning 7 this year of 2021. She has expressed how much being a mother fulfills her and how her son has taught her a lot about being a mom over the years.

4. Nyalleng left an abusive relationship

Thibedi is a very bold and courageous woman. She left a relationship with her ex who was abusive to her and encourages other women to leave aswell. In an interview she mentions how she saw a red flag in her ex who had confessed to her how he saw his own mother getting abused as early as 8 years. This was a red flag that she ignored as she says and it only went to reveal how red flags need heeding. She however shared an enlightening opinion that women often think they can change people.

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5. Net worth and Cars

Well, from all her work as a model and an actress, one can only imagine how much she’s worth. Her networth stands at an approximated $300 000, which is roughly R4 262 000,00. And; even the cars she own do show that she is doing pretty well for herself. She owns a Range rover of a price range of about R700 000 and a BMW 2 series convertible.

6. She has an upcoming lip gloss brand

The princess nyalleng lip gloss
Nyalleng is launching a lip gloss brand called Princess Nyalleng

As you can imagine, brains come with magic and imagination. She clearly thinks outside the box. The South African model and actress is venturing into the beauty industry. Nyalleng is planning on starting her own lip gloss brand called Princess Nyalleng.

She recalls getting inspiration from her time while working at a mining firm. Thibedi had received a scholarship there and while she was working there, she discovered that some beauty products were made from raw minerals mined underground. Immediately after graduating it was clear that she wanted to venture into the beauty industry.

Zekhethelo from Uzalo
Thibedi has been through a lot and would like the world to know how strong she is.

Nyalleng chose lip gloss over lip stick as she prefers to use lip gloss. And, as she said, she ventures into things that she likes and lip gloss is what she likes. However, pursuing this venture did not go without challenges. As she explained in a interview that rejection is a big problem especial when you put your name on a brand. Something she doesn’t really get why, however, with perseverance she worked it out. And, it goes without saying, her degree in Chemical engineering is coming to her assistance helping her to choose what goes and what doesn’t go into the lip gloss. Moreover, this is not all there is as she expressed, however we will see the mystery as it unfolds. For now look out for her lip gloss it’ll be available on online stores.

7. Thibedi uses acting as Therapy

As she was once a victim of domestic violence, Thibedi finds acting therapeutic to her healing process. The actress expressed how this was a good therapy. In her interview she mentions how having to act out issues that she faced helps her as she can work it out with the character she portrays. Thibedi mentioned that even though the type of abuse Zekhethelo was going through isn’t exactly identical to hers, abuse had similar characteristics and how often people ignore the warnings. She reflects on how she ignored the first sign from her patner when he mentioned how he witnessed his own mother abused at a tender. That was a red flag she shouldn’t have ignored she hinted. She even adviced women to trust their intuition and gut as it is often right. They should not ignore their conscience when it warns them.

8. Is Nyalleng Thibedi leaving Uzalo?

Nyalleng Thibedi will be leaving Uzalo this year according to Elegance7.com . However, this is only one source and we haven’t heard from Nyalleng herself announce the news. But the rumour is out so keep watch. The source got the announcement from an entertain commentator called Phil Mphela who claimed that she was heading for greener pastures. We can’t tell yet if Phil was taken out context or was he actually meaning to say what Elegance7 claims. However, we do encourage you to await an official statement from either Nyalleng Thibedi herself or the producers at Uzalo.

9. Zekhethelo might be coming to Durban Gen

As sources close to the shows claim, Nyalleng is currently shooting for Durban gen. Other insider sources claim she has told some of her colleagues that she is leaving. This according to a report on Scroll.Africa . However, when they approached the producers, none of them could verify or falsify the claims and resorted to not commenting. This makes the issue sketchy. We shall only see as things unfold.

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