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Andile Sithole is a 33-year-old South Africa actor best known for portraying Ndumiso on Scandal. He is an award winning actor, holding two awards for best supporting actor 2015 and 2020. Sithole is also a director and CEO at Jobert Productions SA. The now big shot actor also has a major role in one of South Africa’s big loved show The Queen.

Biography Profile

Andile Sithole or Ndumiso on Scandal

Full name: Andile Sithole
Date of birth:  3 December 1988
Age: 33 years old
Place of birth/origin: Kwa-Zulu Natal
Citizenship: South African
Occupation: Actor, Singer
Education: Unisa (Bsc. Education)
Children: two Daughters
Spouse(s): MaThabethe Nokwanda Sithole
Famous for: Ndumiso from Scandal etv

Early life of Andile Sithole

Andile Sithole also known as Jobe was born in Durban, KwaZulu Natal in South African. He was born on 3 December 1988. Andile moved from the countryside at the age of 14 and was about to discover his passion. While partaking in a play at school, he got a life changing epiphany. The epiphany that drove him to destiny; he had realized at that moment that acting was for him. He then formed a play group with his classmates called the Youth Dreams Team where he explores this passion by perfoming in schools and hospices.

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Andile Sithole had it tough growing up

Andile Sithole is really living the life many dream of . However, things were not always so from the beggining . Sithole grew up in the rurals and his father died while he was young. This left his mother with all the burdern of taking care of him. After the death of his father, Andile recalls being kicked out of school for failing to pay his school fees. The rurals were really tough but he was tougher, after getting kicked out of school for that, he took his story to the media where he later found a sponsor to pay for his school fees.

However, this was only the beginning. After finishing his matric, tertiary funding was an even harder barricade to go through. Sithole was forced by the circumstances to do odd jobs to pay for his tertiary fees. He applied for a degree in education at Unisa and paid for himself. This was before NSFAS came along. Andile however knew he had a passion for acting from an early age.

Acting career of Andile Sithole

Andile wrote plays and performed with his friends for hospices and other places. One of his prominent early plays was a play about crime called “Crime does not pay”. He went on to pursue this path until light shed on him.

Later in life after many theatrical perfomances, a door opens and he gets his big break, a role on Scandal. This was a dream come true, believe it or not, some of the odd jobs he did was herding cows. So, from being a herdboy to being in the magic box? This was huge for him indeed. And when one door opens, many other doors open aswell.

Andile went on to get other big roles on shows like the Queen and others. Moreover, he was able to mess around with his second love, music. He released a Gqom track with DJ Naves called Khawuleza.

Net-worth and personal life

Andile Sithole in real life
Andile Sithole has a wife and two daughters and are his treaaures as he says.

Aside from all this, Andile Sithole is a happily married man with two daughters. His networth is estimated at U$150 000, which goes to show that dreams do come if you’re patient. Andile is multilingual speaker who can speak IsiZulu, Sesotho, English and IsiXhosa fluently.

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  • […] Andile Sithole was born on the 3 of December 1988. He was born in KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa.He was born and raise in poor family in the rural area but he hasn’t allowed his background to dertemine his future.The popular actor has grew up as herdsboy but he decided to leave the his home and come to Johannesburg for greener pastures.Indeed he has fight all the obstacles in his way and he made to the top as he is one of the Popular actors in Mzansi.[1] […]

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