Michael Machiona AKA Naizaboom Biography

Michael”Naiza Boom” Zimbabwean musician and maker of videos and films, Machiona. He is the creator of the Naibo(NB) Films, which include the characters Jatiwero and Dhafu.

Biography profile of Michael Machiona

Michael Machiona Biography
Image of Michael Machiona

Full name : Michael Machiona
Known as : Naizaboom
Gender : Male
Age : Date of birth :
Place of birth : Harare Zimbabwe
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : Musician, Writer and Director of Naizaboom
Facebook : Michael Machiona
Instagram :

Early life of Michael Machiona

Michael Machiona was born in Harare,Zimbabwe but we don’t know yet the year and date of birth. We know less about his background and family information but will give you more details as we investigate. [1]

Music career of Michael Machiona

In 2020, Naiza Boom issued the single “Handisisina Moyo.” Producing credit for the song goes to Frank Gamba, aka Novax. Pauline is featured in his song “Mama Africa,” which is also his song.

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Acting career of Naizaboom

Michael Machiona Biography
Image of Naizaboom films Director

Around 2013, Naiza Boom began directing and editing music videos for upcoming artists before establishing NB Films production to serve all actors and musicians. The company created the song “Class Yemadofo,” which included female dancehall performers Faceless and Angel Pee as well as DJ Shugeta from National FM radio.

Following the success of “Class Yemadofo,” the group collaborated with Enzo Ishall on another skit, “Maputi e$25,” which gained a lot of attention online.

Amos Mahendere, Boss Sakina, Carlos Green, Oscar Pambuka, Empress Massina, Faceless, Chido Machanzi, and Maskiri are just a few of the well-known musicians Naiza Boom has worked with as a music video director.

YouTube awarded Naibo Films a plaque in 2021 for reaching 100,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel. Naiza Boom Comedy received a plaque alongside previous recipients Jah Prayzah, a musician, and Bustop TV. [2]

Supposed assault

During the month of October 2020, Naiza Boom was allegedly abused by his girlfriend because of his video, “Tingori 2.” His girlfriend claimed that the models on the video were ones that Egness had issues with. Naiza Boom kissed Sontana, a model, in the video. Egness allegedly assaulted him with her shoes on his head after witnessing the footage. Later, she expressed remorse for her behavior and her support for Naiza Boom’s creative endeavors.