Malibongwe Yawu biography


Malibongwe Yawu, is a South African actor and director best known for playing Mdu Mchunu on Lingashoni and for Catch A Fire.

Biography Profile

Malibongwe Yawu biography, Mdu Mchunu on Lingashoni
Image of Malibongwe biography, Mdu Mchunu on Lingashoni.

Full name: Malibongwe Yawu
Gender: Male
From: Johannesburg
Occupation: Actor, Director and Cultural Coordinator
Known as: Mdu Mchunu from Lingashoni

Personal life of Malibongwe

Malibongwe Yawu is a South African actor and director born in South Africa. He lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province in South Africa. He attended Kwa-Bhekilanga Secondary School.

Acting career of Yawu

Malibongwe came to prominence as an actor when he was casted on drama about Terrorism in South African apartheid era called Catch a Fire as a Freedom Singer. He was also casted on television dramas such as Gold Diggers which aired on etv. In 2021 he was casted on Lingashoni drama series alongside Patrick Mofokeng as Mdu Mchunu. Apart from acting Malibongwe is a Director and a Cultural Coordinator. ¹

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