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Liteboho Molise, born on 23 January 1988 (33 years old), is a Lesotho-born South African actress, dancer, rapper and businesswoman best known for playing Teboho Mukhwevo on Muvhango which premieres on SABC 2. She has appeared on Skwizas, Karektas and is currently playing Seipati Moeketsi on Lingashoni. As a rapper, Liteboho Molise has shared a stage with the late legendary Motswako rapper HHP.

Biography Profile

Image of Liteboho Malise who is Teboho Mukwevho on Muvhango or Seipati Moeketsi on Lingashoni
Image of Liteboho Malise

Full Name: Liteboho Molise
Date of birth: 23 January 1988
Age: 33 years old
Place of birth: Maseru, Lesotho
Occupation: Actress, Avid rapper, Dancer, Businesswoman
Known as: Teboho Mukwevho
Spouse: Thabo Twala

Children: 1
Nationality: Mosotho

Early life of Liteboho Malise

In which country was Liteboho Molise born?

Liteboho is from Lesotho
Liteboho is from Lesotho, in Maseru District.

Liteboho Molise was born on 23 January 1988 in Maseru, Lesotho. She then moved to Butha buthe district in Lesotho and later moved to another district called Mohale’s Hoek where she grew up. From an early age Liteboho used to be in almost all the plays at school. She would take part in any form of art such as singing, drama or singing but she did this only in her childhood but changed as she grows up. The Muvhango star wanted to study drama and arts or anything related to music because she believed that she born to be a superstar mostly in music but never pursued it because her mother was skeptical about it.

Education of Liteboho

Where did Liteboho Molise attended school and university?

Liteboho Molise attended St Stephen’s D High School in Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho. The star’s dream was to study drama and art but ended up studying political science at the National University of Lesotho, in 2011. Her choice of study might’ve been dictated by her mother who was skeptical about her chances of success in art.

Acting career

Liteboho At Lingashoni as Seipati Moeketsi, with Patrick Mofokeng as Mr Cele
Liteboho At Lingashoni as Seipati Moeketsi, with Patrick Mofokeng as Mr Cele

Though she was already pursuing a career in political science, Liteboho did not shy away from attending Muvhango auditions which were held in Lesotho, Maseru. For her it was a life changing moment because she had to pursue her dream which she never thought would come true. In May 2012, the star received a call about six months later after auditions, to come to Johannesburg where she landed a different role than she had auditioned for, the role of Teboho Mukwevho on Muvhango.

Liteboho has played the recurring role of Mantwa on the SABC2 sitcom Skwizas, in Season 3 (2014) and Season 4 (2016).
In 2017, she was a celebrity guest on the SABC2 variety comedy show #Karektas, in an episode which also featured Smokey Nyembe (Season 1, Episode 5). In 2014 she was nominated for Outstanding Newcomer for her Muvhango role of Teboho at the inaugural Royalty Soapie Awards. Though she had rose to greater heights for playing Teboho, she had to leave Muvhango 8 years later to play Seipati Moeketsi on Lingashoni season 1, a 1Magic drama series. ¹

What else does Liteboho Molise do aside from acting?

Liteboho is avid rapper and a businesswoman. She has shared a stage with the late legendary rapper HHP. She also do voice-overs for Lesedi FM and endorsed Black Like Me.

Personal life of Liteboho

Liteboho Twala with her brother
Liteboho Twala with her brother

Who is Liteboho Molise’s husband?

The former Muvhango-now-Lingashoni star is married to Thabo Twala, a businessman from Mpumalanga. Her husband is a polygamist meaning Liteboho is not the first wife and it appears he is a womanizer he had an affair with woman while married to the Muvhango actress.

Does Liteboho have Children?

Yes, Liteboho has got one child, a daughter.²

What is her advice to young people aspiring to be actors?

She believers that if you want to become an actor you should first get the right qualification probably in drama and art. Then when you get a role, understand it then you will portray it at your optimal level.

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