Lerato Walaza full biography

Lerato Walaza is a South African actress born on the 17th of October 1994. She is known for her character in the MTV show Shuga as Zamo. Walaza also played a small role in Scandal as Gugu.

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Lerato Walaza
Lerato Walaza full biography on Safrolebs

Full name: Lerato Walaza
Date of birth: 17 October 1994 (26 years)
Education: Degree in Drama (Tshwane University of Technology)
Occupation: Actress
Known for: Zamo in MTV Shuga (Tv series)
Nationality: South African

Personal life and career of Lerato Walaza

Lerato Walaza is a South African actress and influencer. Walaza was born on the 17th of October in 1994. She is currently 26 years old and turning 27 in October. Walaza got her degree in Drama from the Tshwane University ot Technology. Lerato is known from her role on MTV reccuring show Shuga in which she played Zamo. Walaza also played the role of Gugu on Scandal etv. A friend to Omphile Ngema.

Lerato Walaza
Lerato Walaza and her colleagues

Lerato was featured in the 2019 film called Letters of hope. Moreover, the film was chosen as the opening film for the 5th South African International Film Festival. Walaza has furthermore appeared in educational short shows on MTV, including one on condom usage education. She has an instagram account and, one of her followers is Hungani Ndlovu. Ndlovu is famous for playing the role of Romeo Medupe on the etv’s soap opera Scandal. Moreover, Lerato is an influencer, specializing in urban fashion and beauty content.

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Lerato’s views on life and her TV roles

Walaza is a very exuberant and vibrant person. In a interview conducted by Moziak Africa, Lerato expressed how grateful she was to be alive. And, at the point where she is at, Lerato said that she just wants to have fun and enjoy life. And, was looking forward to new challenges the new year of 2021 would bring.

Lerato Walaza full biography
Lerato Walaza who plays Gugu on Scandal etv

Speaking on her roles, Lerato Walaza was grateful to be featured in such big shows such as Scandal and MTV Shuga: Alone Together. Furthermore,she expressed how people should not take things for granted. “My new role on Scandal has also been an extremely big highlight, even just thinking about it right now just brings so much joy! All of this has made me realise to simply never take anything for granted. It can come that easily, and slip through your fingers that easily.” She said in the interview.

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Lerato further showed her gratitude for appearing in the eTV soap opera saying she always admired Scandal. In fact when she started watching Scandal in high school; she was “intrigued” by the uniqueness of the show. So, appearing on the Scandal set was a dream come true for her. Saying everyone there was professional and talented and that they received her with warmth anf love. And, she furthermore added that if there was any set she knew she belonged to, it was Scandal. So, It was love at first sight.