Lerato Nxumalo biography aka Mpumi Cele from Lingashoni

Lerato Nxumalo, born 9 February 1999, is a 23-year-old South African actress well known for her former role on Durban Gen as Dr Lithuli. She is currently playing Mpumi Cele from Lingashoni.

Biography profile

Lerato Nxumalo life facts, Dr Lithuli and Mpumi Cele from Lingashoni
Image of Lerato Nxumalo as Mpumi Cele on Lingashoni

Name: Lerato Nxumalo
Date of birth: February 09, 1999
Age: 23 years old
Place of birth: Kwa-Mashu Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Occupation: Actress
Known as: Dr Lithuli from Durban Gen or Mpumi Cele from Lingashoni
Nationality: South African
Height: 168cm
Languages: English and Zulu

Early age of Lerato Nxumalo

Lerato Nxumalo was born on 9 February 1999. She was born and bred at KwaMashu in Durban, KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. Lerato has got eight siblings, seven girls and one boy from her step mother.[1]

Named Lerato by her grandmother

Lerato, Dr Lithuli and Mpumi Cele from Lingashoni
Lerato Nxumalo biography, Dr Lithuli and Mpumi Cele from Lingashoni

Though her parents are Zulu, she has got a Sotho name only given by her late grandmother, her father’s mother. Her mother wanted to name her Nompumelelo but when she couldn’t, she gave the name to Lerato’s younger sister.

Education and growing up

Lerato attended Northland Girls high in Durban. She studied dramatic arts from grade 8 to 12, then went to enroll for Film and Television at Witswaterstand university in Johannesburg. When growing up, Letato Nxumalo wanted to become an accountant, though she had no idea of what an accountant was all about since she was just imitating her friend. She only realized she wanted to be an actress when she was doing grade 8.

“No I wanted to be an accountant and I had no idea what accountants did it just sounded like a nice thing to say, ‘I want to be an accountant’. I only knew I wanted to be an actress in Grade 8, but growing up my mother never believed anything I’d say especially if I had an argument with my sisters because she’d say, ‘Lerato you are such a good actor you’d put somebody in jail’, so I guess I was born with this thing.” She said. [2]


 Nxumalo, Dr Lithuli and Dr Mbali Mthethwa from Durban Gen
Nxumalo, Dr Lithuli and Dr Mbali Mthethwa from Durban Gen

Lerato appeared on several television shows before coming to Durban Gen. She had a supporting role on Isthembiso and Madume. She had another supporting role on Trapped which is a featured film. Apart from acting she appeared on television commercials such as on 2017 Edgars Women’s Day Commercial with a lead role and 2019 Aero with lead role as well. In 2020 auditioned for an Etv drama called Durban Gen. She got a notification about Durban Gen auditions from her acting agency called Star Quality Management agency which is based in Johannesburg and Durban.

It was during lockdown, so she posted her self tape to Durban Gen and she got a call back about two months later to come for auditions. She first auditioned for Uzondo, then Ubali and lastly for Ndabezinhle Lithuli, a role she was chosen for. She then left Durban Gen to join 1Magic drama called Lingashoni as Mpumi Cele. The former Durban Gen Dr Lithuli star is now acting alongside Patrick Mofokeng who is acting as his father by the name of Mr Cele.

Her aspirations and inspiration

Lerato Nxumalo, Zuluboy, and Fanele Ntuli

Lingashoni star, Lerato aspire to be happy, to be connect with God, to hear the Spirit of God communicating with her and that she should have unshakeable faith. She wants to trust in God, to kneel down everyday. Another aspiration of hers is to build her mother a beautiful home or house. Lerato Nxumalo is inspired by Thuso Mbedu, Viola Davis, Angelina Jolie only to name few.

Acting profile


Edgars Women’s Day Commercial – Lead – 2017

Aero – Lead – 2019


Isithembiso – Supporting role

Trapped Featured Film  – Supporting Role

Durban Gen – ETV – Lead  Dr Luthuli

Madume – Supporting Role


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