Here is Mbali Mavimbela character on The Wife

Mbali Mavimbela to Hlomu on The Wife on Show Max.
Mbali Mavimbela to Hlomu on The Wife on Show Max.

Rising star Mbali Mavimbela who is best known for her role of Nothile on Skeem Saam has landed a new lead role. She has snagged the coveted lead role of Hlomu in the upcoming Showmax telenovela The Wife.

Hlomu will be played by the actress, who is a journalist who falls in love with a cab driver, not realizing that when you marry a man, you marry his secrets.

Hlomu will fall in love with Mqhele (Bonko Khoza), who made his acting debut in the multi-award-winning film Necktie Youth as Jabz and has since acted in Professionals and the Emmy-nominated Roots.

Mbalenhle is looking forward to bringing Hlomu to life and is a huge fan of the literature.

“When I found out Hlomu the Wife was being turned into a series, I jumped at the chance to audition,” said Mbalenhle.

“Funnily enough, a while back I did a TikTok pretending to be Hlomu the Wife and that I had ‘made it’, not knowing I would end up playing the character. It was even trending.”

Mbali Mavimbela is under a lot of pressure because the book on which the opera is based is well-known, and as soon as word got out that it was being transformed into a telenovela, people on social media started casting their own characters of the “perfect Hlomu”.

“It feels like I’ve been keeping a secret from my fans and followers for months, and I couldn’t even post a hint. I’ve been watching fans ‘casting’ from the sidelines on Twitter and Facebook but haven’t been able to say anything.”  [¹]