Gugu Gumede biography


Gugu Gumede born on 10 December 1991(age-30 years old) is a South African actress well-known for portraying the character of prophetess,Mamlambo in the soapie Uzalo.

Biography profile

Image of gorgeous lady Gugu Gumede
Image of gorgeous lady Gugu Gumede

Full name : Gugu Gumede
Gender : Female
Date of birth : 10 December 1991
Age : 29 years old
Place of birth : Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actress

Early age

Gugu Gumede was born on the 10nth of December 1991 in Kwazulu Natal province, in South Africa. His father was Simon Hulumeni Gumede and her mother was the Zanele KaNawha Msibi. She grew up in a wealthy household with her mother and father who were heavyweights in South African politics. Her father died in a terrible car accident and she was devastated. Before he died he held important responsibilities and position in South African politics at the time. He was a member of the Kwazulu Natal assembly. [1]

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Her mother didn’t want her to go into the entertainment industry as an actor at first but she wanted her daughter to study Law and practice it. When she told her mother about her passion in Acting, her mother provided her with all the assistance she needed.

Education of Gugu Gumede

After completing her primary and secondary school education in Kwazulu Natal she enrolled in the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in Los Angeles,California. She enrolled in the school to peruse certification in Acting and Drama.

Acting Career of Gugu Gumede

Gugu Gumede returned to South Africa in 2013 after finishing her education in California, United States. Numerous opportunities opened up for Gugu Gumede as immediately she came back to South Africa. Generations were the first job that came knocking and she earned a part in the popular South African TV show. She was cast as Mandisa on the show.

More opportunities presented themselves for the gifted actor, and she was cast in another popular South African Television series, Uzalo. Fans fell in love with her personality while she was playing Mamlambo. She was thrust into the spotlight in no time.The character is well-known for being bold loudmouthed, opinionated, stealing boyfriends, spreading rumors.

Personal life of Gugu Gumede

Gugu Gumede is currently single and has no children. the popular actress often plays roles on TV with a personality that is absolutely opposite to her real-life nature. She is calm whereas her character on Uzalo is loud-mouthed and foul. She is an introvert and can only be loud in environments and places when her close friends are around.

She is a devout follower of God and she is very open about her Christian religion and her on-screen presence reflects this seeing she once played the role of a prophetess. She is and extremely private individual and has refused to share her birthdate information. She has no child, nor husband, no record of a boyfriend too neither is she married.