Zandi Nhlapo biography

Zandi Nhlapo, born 24 December 1975 (age – 45 years old), is a South African actress, television personality and model. She is well known for hosting etv’s first ever cooking show called Cooking Gospel and for appearing on Imbewu the Seed as Nompi Khanyeza.

Biography Profile

Zandisile Nhlapo aka Nompi Khanyeza from Imbewu the seed
Image of Zandisile Nhlapo aka Nompi Khanyeza from Imbewu the seed.

Full name: Zandisile Nhlapo
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 24 December 1975
Age: 45 years old.
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress, Model, Presenter
Known as: Nompi Khanyeza from Imbewu the seed
Spouse(s): Ralph Zikala (dv), Bob Mabena (died)
Children: Ntando Zikalala, Nyeleti Khomotso, and Masana Mabena

Early age of Zandi Nhlapo

Zandisile Nhlapo is a 45 year-old South African actress, model and presenter. She was born on 24 December 1975 in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province in South Africa. She had a difficult upbringing and traveled long distance to go for dance training under Whizz kids dance groups.

Career of Zandi Nhlapo

Zandi Nhlapo aka Nompi Khanyeza from Imbewu the seed
Image of Zandisile aka Nompi Khanyeza from Imbewu the seed.

Zandi started her career at the age of 17 during apartheid era in South Africa. She joined the Whizz Kids group and had to travel long distances for lessons and rehearsals. Zandi was one of the first set of black South Africans to host a television show. She became part of the game show, TRIO on CCTV. She later went on to host several South African shows like Man 2 Man, Midday Breeze, Eastern Mosaic and Continuity. In 2013 she began to host etv’s first cooking show called Cooking Gospel. On the show, Zandi cooked with a celebrity each week while playing gospel videos.

Zandi is one of the most popular South African models who has appeared on front pages of several top magazines, Y Mag and True Love. She has also contested in several beauty pageants and won most of them including Miss 707, Miss Sundowns, Miss Orlando Pirates to mention but a few. On October 18, 2021, she made her debut appearance on south African television drama series Imbewu the seed as Nompi Khanyeza, Fikile’s mother. Nompi and Fikile’s relationship is strained because of Nompi’s strict parenting ways and an uncomfortable truth gets revealed when she shows up in Fikile’s life.

The Enterprises of Zandi Nhlapo

Image of Zandisile Nhlapo aka Nompi Khanyeza from Imbewu the seed
Zandi Nhlapo aka Nompi Khanyeza, she is an entrepreneur.

In 2017 she started a child-themed hair salon named Mini You Mini Me for children, gaining inspiration from her grandchildren and she it with her daughter Ntando Zikalala. She stated that most of the discussions held in adult hair salons are not good for children as one of the major reasons for opening a children’s hair salon. The salon includes an area where children can play while waiting for their turn. Zandi also started a consulting business, a media and marketing industry, Liquid Image Consulting which started with events management.

Personal life of Zandi Nhlapo

Zandi Nhlapo was married to Ralph Zikala for eight years before divorcing him for personal reasons. After divorce she got engaged to Bob Mabena who later died in 2020 from cardiac arrest. Bob and Zandi were blessed with one child who is Zandi’s second child. Zandi is a mother of three children whose names are Ntando Zikalala, Nyeleti Khomotso, and Masana Mabena. She is also a grandmother since her first born child, her daughter, Ntando Zikalala has her own children.

Social media and networth

You can connect with Zandi on social media platforms like Instagram where you can get a glimpse of her real lifestyle. Her Instagram handle is @zandisilenhlapo. Zandi’s Networth is estimated to be $500 000 to $2.5 million usd.