Generations teasers April 2022

Generations: the legacy teasers for April 2022 from episode from episode 1915 to episode 1935

First week from Generations teasers (1 April 2022 to 8 April 2022)

A serial killer watches the life of the woman he claims to love ebb away. The words of a teen girl fall on deaf ears. Why isn’t anyone willing to trust her? Will Nkosiyabo’s lustful object succumb to his seduction? Mazwi refuses to take the hand extended to him as a gesture of friendship. When the death of a loved one is on your mind, how do you find peace? Fikile notices a private interaction and becomes suspicious right away.

Who will move into Gadaffi’s old penthouse is a source of tremendous speculation. Mo has had enough and confronts Mbali about her actions. Pele is baffled as to what has possessed his wife. Pamela makes a pitch to get an exclusive scoop. Tracy’s Luyolo interview goes horribly wrong. Lefa is terrified. Tracy’s interview with Luyolo goes very wrong. Lefa panics when he can’t wake unconscious Zondiwe.

Will Ayanda choose short-term gratification for long-term security? Gugu never misses a chance to sneer at her old friend. The unexpected entrance of a stranger sends shockwaves throughout the penthouse. Mpho is shaken by his grandmother’s expectations for him. Lucy is disturbed and suspicious after a couple’s rapid withdrawal from S’khaftin. Mbali finally receives the approval she so desperately seeks.

Second week from Generations teasers (11 April 2022 to 15 April 2022)

When Pele realises he’s been duped yet again, he becomes even more sceptical. Being ambushed at work does not sit well with Sphe. Nkosiyabo is adamant about not allowing Kabisi to beat him at his own game. Ayanda needs to explain why her kid is so upset with her. Tracy isn’t ready to abandon her mission just yet. Oby’s turning over a new leaf was clearly all a ruse.

Uzalo teasers April 2022


Nontle is re-energized as she plots her vengeance. Mpho is taken aback when he learns of Zondiwe’s plans and resolves to intervene. When Pele realises he (ostensibly) holds the wrong end of the stick, he is relieved. Lelethu has a hard time keeping his novice reporter in line. Mbali is taken aback when he hears what the Holy Spirit has to say.

Mbali is taken aback when she learns what the Holy House leaders demand of her. Ayanda was correct to be concerned about her safety. Tracy has had enough of being told what to do and has decided to go her own way. Oby has successfully piqued the interest of a little girl… It’s a lot easier to end an affair than it is to stop lusting after someone.

Third week from Generations the legacy teasers (18 April 2022 to 22 April 2022)

Pele believes he and his sweetheart are on the mend. He has no idea what’s going on… Nontle decides to take the risk and go for it. When the Holy House congregation arrives at the women’s refuge, there is shock and anguish. Mo tries to calm Mbali down, but she won’t listen. The Malingas are taken aback by what the sangoma suggests. Nkosiyabo’s joy over a potential new investor comes back to harm him.

Tracy appears to be taking one step forward and two steps back. Lucy is persuaded by Ayanda to join her on a rescue operation. Two adolescent pals are completely unaware that their chat is being recorded.

Mpho unintentionally causes a communard’s demise. What happens at Club Venice catches Nontle and Zikhona off guard. Pele is willing to break the law in order to assist his wife. Unfortunately, things do not proceed as planned. The three suspects believe they got away with the break-in, but Philani has them figured out. Tracy is giddy with excitement when she learns who will be attending the Club Venice celebration. Mbali forcefully puts her mother in her place.

Fourth week from Skeem Saam teasers (25 April 2022 to 29 April 2022)

Early in the morning, the Diales make a troubling discovery… The Malingas are a little more hopeful after Bhut’Langa’s revelation. Zikhona is unsure if she is ready to participate in a sociological experiment. Pele had the most inconvenient talk of his life. Oby uses a little girl to obtain the knowledge she requires. When Pamela refuses to do her dirty work for her, Ayanda is not impressed.

Tracy is both nervous and delighted to publish her first column. A confrontation between an irritated mother and her disobedient daughter turns sour. The Diales are perplexed by the unexpected event that occurs at Holy House.

Mrekza seeks the services of a ‘expert’ to solve his love problems. The Diales have had it with Mbali. It’s time to stop! Philani is compelled to act after receiving an insulting offer from Nkosiyabo. Cosmo swallows his pride and seeks assistance. When Lucy realises what her willful daughter has done, she is stunned. Ayanda believes that a little rough love is exactly what Nontle requires.

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