Dr Nyasha Mugari on Scandal etv by Jerome Galiao

Scandal has once again added a new actor on its cast. This time it’s non other than the Zimbabwean South Africa based actor and model. Jerome Galiao is going to portray a Zimbabwean doctor, Dr Nyasha Mugari on Scandal.

Character Profile

Dr Nyasha Mugari from Scandal etv.
Dr Mugari from Scandal etv.

Fictional name: Dr Nyasha Mugari
Portrayed by: Jerome Galiao
Television series: Scandal! Etv
Category: Fictional character
Debut date: 28 December 2021

Background of Jerome Galiao

The Harare-based and bred will appear for his first episode on December 28. He will appear as a new character called Dr Nyasha Mugari. Galiaos character is described as a doctor who grew up in rural Zimbabwe who left his home country to further his Studies and is to return home.

Galiao moved to South Africa in 2008 about 13 years ago. Now he has landed a role on Scandal, on one of the most watched telenovelas in South Africa.

“The production team initially casted for anyone who spoke an African language other than a South African one. So it was Nigerians, Congolese, Ghanaian, Zimbabweans, Malawians, it was not easy and we all had to audition in our own home languages,” said Galiao.

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“I made it I got the role of a lifetime an African actor here on South African television, this is a huge achievement and I would like to believe that I have made it. “Like any actor here in South Africa landing a role on a huge production is the ultimate achievement it’s all you look to.” Galiao said the character Dr Nyasha Mugari will be speaking Shona in the TV drama.

Who is Dr Nyasha Mugari on Scandal?

Dr Nyasha Mugari without giving away too much of his role, he is a doctor who grew up in rural Zimbabwe left the country to further his Studies and is to return home. On his arrival on Scandal he falls in love with Hlengiwe Twala portrayed by Nqobile Khumalo and Hlengiwe doesn’t notify him that she has a boyfriend.

So they start to go on dates without the knowledge of Hlengiwe’s boyfriend, Amo (played by Kagiso Rathebe). Their undefined relationship went on to become intimate and still Hlengiwe hasn’t yet notified doctor Nyasha Mugari about her current relationship with Amo. Amo on the other hand is trusting Hlengiwe alot to such an extent that even if she gets out at night to come back in the morning he does not even question. How will this end for Hlengiwe, Amo and Dr Mugari? We will find out in the next episode.

“He will be speaking Shona on the series and the plot is quite epic to say the least.’ “He obviously meets some twists and turns, as you would know in soapies there is falling in love, battles of returning home and heartbreaks,” he said. ¹

Scandal! is a television drama series that premieres on etv South Africa at 7:30pm CAT every week days. The soapie runs for 30 minutes from 7:30 pm to 8pm. If you want to find out about Dr Mugari’s Complicated life and relationship with Hlengiwe find out by watching the drama in the next episodes.

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