Don Design Bio, age, career, Networth and Social media

Don Design is a South African DJ and artist who excels in a number of disciplines, including music video creation, fashion design, DJing, and creative direction. After helping AKA locate a misplaced kit, he became friends with him and later filmed behind-the-scenes material for the rapper’s music videos.

Despite the fact that some users of social media believe he was involved in the death of AKA. Others stand by him and point to their friendship with the singer as evidence. Don Design, who previously worked for Real, a record label that distributed house music albums, dropped out of law school to pursue music.

Biography of Don Design

Don Design Biography
Image of Don Design

Full name : Don Design (Real name unknown)

Date of birth : 1986

Place of birth : Unknown

Education : Unknown

Height : 1.7m

Occupation : DJ and Artist

Known for : Levels by AKA (creative director)

Net worth : $400,000

Nationality : South African

Early life of Don Design

Don Design was born in 1986, however his exact day and month of birth are unknown. He is currently 37 years old, which was born in the year 2023. In 2024, he will turn 38 years old.

His Role in the Death of AKA

On the evening of February 15, 2023, rapper AKA and his friend Tibz were shot and killed outside of a restaurant in Durban, South Africa, while a well-known creative director and producer was there with a group of people.

On the basis of Don Design’s body language prior to the shooting, some people began propagating conspiracy theories once a CCTV recording of the incident emerged online. There was no proof to back up these assumptions. [1]

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AKA and Don Design

Don Design Biography
Image of Don Design alongside former Rapper AKA

Don Design and AKA have been buddies since 2014, claims Africa News Agency. The DJ persisted in providing the rapper concepts for artistic endeavors until AKA granted him permission to direct the music video for “Kontrol” with Da LES.

The lead single from AKA’s second album, “Levels,” which was released in 2014, was this song. AKA was intrigued by the South African DJ’s original work, and the two artists grew close. Later, they worked together with a number of well-received initiatives, including AKA’s collaborations with Head Huncho, Don Design’s own streetwear line dubbed “Relax,” and several music-related endeavors. [2]

Gross Value

The 37-year-old South African DJ is said to be worth $400k or more in US currency. Thank you for reading Don Design’s complete biography. In case you missed it, we recently wrote on Chibie Olusama, a young actor from Nigeria.

Social media

On social media he is more active on Instagram aswell as Twitter. Moreover, there’s also a Facebook page in his name. We don’t know if it’s actually his page or not. Although it’s very doubtful. [3]