Dj Naves Well-known as a South African radio and Dj Club

He is a radio and club DJ from South Africa. He rose to fame after joining Metro FM, one of Mzanis’ premier radio stations. In South Africa’s entertainment scene, DJ Naves has achieved superstardom. His silky mixes are essentially what make him famous. Using his skill, he creates tension and then releases it, keeping the audience interested and guiding them on a journey.

Biography of DJ Naves

DJ Naves Biography
Image of DJ Naves

Full name : Lebogang (unknown surname)
Stage name : DJ Naves
Date of birth : 27 July 1984
Place of birth : Soweto,
Education : Unknown
Height : Unknown
Occupation : Disk Jockey
Known for : Isibaya as Deejay
Net worth : $350,000
Nationality : South African

Early Life of Don Design

He was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, on July 27, 1984. His early years and upbringing are still a mystery. The names of his parents are also a mystery. He will become 38 years old in July 2022, having become 37 at the moment. Leo is his horoscope sign. Lebogang, a Zulu name, is the real name of DJ Naves. [1]

Career of Don Design

They both appear as judges on the music reality show 1’s and 2’s in search of Mzansi’s Next Master of Spin. Lebogang has also won lucrative television roles. In the second season of the South African daily drama series isiBaya, he played a Deejay. In the Mzansi series Taxi Ride, he also portrayed Mr. Malindi in a guest-starring role.

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Personal life events of DJ Naves

DJ Naves Biography
Image of DJ Naves and his friend spectacula

Lebogang recently caused a sensation online after posting a picture of himself dressed like a normal doctor. He finished the appearance by wearing a stethoscope around his neck. The people of Mzansi reacted to this in a variety of ways; some praised him for his accomplishments while others questioned whether he was indeed dressed as a ghost for Halloween. He didn’t, however, confirm or deny any of the rumors. Famous celebrities like Unathi, David Kau, Mel Bala, Nothemba Madumo, and DJ Shimza were among those in attendance. Sphectacula was, of course, one of the groomsmen. [2]

Height and Persona

Even though DJ Naves’s official height is unknown. Some sources seem to suggest that the actor might have a height of around 1.67m. Which is pretty much average in South Africa. Moreover, the DJ expresses a very calm personality in general. Which is why people love him.

Net worth

As a deejay, Naves has enjoyed success. One of the richest entertainers in South Africa, his actual net worth is unknown but is thought to be between $250,000 and $1 million. A household name in South Africa’s music industry, DJ Naves. Many people are lovers of his work and anticipate more from him as a result.

Social media of DJ Naves

DJ Naves is on all social media platforms. However, he is more active on Instagram. He has quite a following and a lot of fans all over South Africa who love his mixtapes and remixes. [3]