Glenn Lewis full Biography, age,education and career

Glenn Lewis is not a new name in South Africa’s music industry. He has skill as a DJ, singer, radio host, TV show, and record producer. It’s interesting that people frequently mistake him for Canadian neo-soul artist Glenn Lewis. So, exactly who is he?

Biography of Glenn Lewis

Glenn Lewis Biography
Image of Glenn Lewis

Full name : Glenn Lewis
Date of birth : 13 March 1975
Place of birth : Pimville, Soweto, South Africa
Education : Unknown
Height : 1.7m
Occupation : Singer, DJ and Radio host
Known for : The Glezinto Super drive show on radio 2000
Net worth : $200,000
Nationality : South African

Early life and career

The well-known Disc Jockey was born in Pimville, Soweto, Gauteng Province, South Africa, on March 13, 1975. The DJ, who is well-liked in South Africa, started his musical career after graduating from high school. He joined Metro Radio in 1995 and presided over various shows there before retiring in 2017.

After a year at Touch HD, he moved on to Radio 2000, where he aired a show called The Glenzito SuperDrive during the workweek. His time there was, however, brief because he was sacked for violating the station’s rules by playing music from his smartphone. [1]

More career highlights

Glenn Lewis Biography
Image of musician Glenn

After joining Radio 2000, he quickly gained notoriety and has since won the hearts of his listeners. He started performing in neighborhood clubs as well. His hit song is from the 1999 Numero Uno album and the Mid-Tempo CD. He published his own Midtempo in 2000.

The DJ hasn’t yet published any tracks or music, however he is credited for a number of mixes, including Live from a Hidden Place and Live from Vinny’s Birthday Tour. The renowned DJ currently presents a weekday show called The Glenzito SuperDrive. From Monday through Friday, he also serves as a radio host on Radio 2000. [2]

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Personal life

You would anticipate finding all of his personal details for someone whose life is in the public eye. For the South African media star, who has succeeded in keeping the majority of his private life hidden from the public view, this is not the case. As a result, there is no information available about Glen Lewis’s spouse or kids.

Height of Glenn Lewis

While there isn’t much information on his personal physique aside from what you see in pictures. We have put put a round about figure of his possible height. And, according to our estimates he should at least 1.7m tall. [3]

Net worth

Some sources suggest that since the beginning of his career until now. Glenn must’ve gathered a net worth of around $250,000. Which in reality may be more than this figure.

Social media

He is both on Facebook and Instagram under the very same name of Glenn Lewis. However, we are uncertain of his presence on Twitter. But we believe he is there too.