David Sebe bio- wife, age, career


David Sebe, born 24 March 1953, is a 68 year-old South African actor best known for playing the role of Gizara on Muvhango.

Biography Profile

David Sebe as Vho Gizara on Muvhango
David Sebe as Vho Gizara on Muvhango.

Full name: David Sebe
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 24 March 1953
Age: 68 years old
Place of birth: Alexandra, Gauteng Province
Occupation: Actor
Known as: Vho-Gizara from Muvhango

Early life of David Sebe and Career background

David Sebe was born on 24 March 1953 in Alexandra township, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province in South Africa. He was born to a family of eleven children and his father was in a polygamous marriage. This forced his father to work three-day jobs. David recalls growing up in Alexandra township with his grandmother telling him fables whom he attributes with igniting the great love for storytelling and performing art in him.

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After completing his Grade 4, Standard 2, he relocated to Diepkloof to assist his father to put food on the table of their big family. Walking twenty kilometers every day to and from school dampened his dream of becoming a doctor and his dismissal after organizing student protests at his school was the death knell that sent him out of school. After dropping out of school in Standard 7, David toured across Europe for 17 years doing one-man acts. When he came back he joined Muvhango as Vho-Gizara.

Education of David Sebe

Despite dropping out of school in South Africa, David proceeded with his studies in Germany. He finished his high school at Hamburg in Germany. After his high school he enrolled for nursing at  St Marienkrankenhus college and graduated as a qualified nurse.

Personal life and marriage of David Sebe

David is married to Anna and she understand that her husband is a public figure thus she is tolerant of other ladies who would like to take selfies with their favorite Vho-Gizara. The star loves poetry and enjoys speaking in his native language, Venda. This is due to the fact that he spend nearly two decades in diaspora speaking only English and probably other foreign languages. ¹

Impostered by criminals

In April 2021, David had to hand himself over to the police, after falling victim to identity theft via Facebook, to prove that he is innocent. An imposter allegedly used David’s stolen identity to commit all kinds of crimes, including fraud. The accused also has other cases pending against him – including r_aping minors and break-ins. But David who is not active on Facebook was disappointed that some people would go that far to defame his character. ²