Bio: Dan Robbertse wife, children, Net worth, height and more

Daniel J. Robbertse (Born 15 August 1964) is a South African actor best known for his lead role as Hansie van Wyk in the 2002 television drama Behind The Badge.

Biography: Daniel J. Robbertse

Daniel Robbertse Biography
Image of Daniel Robbertse

Full name: Daniel J. Robbertse
Date of birth: 15 August 1964
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng (inconclusive)
Education: Wits University (BA Dramatic Arts)
Occupation: Actor, Lecturer and Director
Known for: John Phillips on Scandal!
Height: 185cm
Net worth: Unknown
Nationality: South African

Early Life

Daniel J. Robbertse was born on the 15th of August in 1964. Making him 68 years old as of 2022. While we dont know where exactly he was born. A LinkedIn profile with his name suggests he may be from Johannesburg, but that’s all that currently accounts for his residential origins. Moreover, like his origins. His early life is also almost unknown. So, his background seems really blank. [1]

Education and travel

Daniel Robbertse Biography
Image of Daniel Robbertse and his dog

Dan Robbertse holds a BA Dramatic Arts Honours Degree from Wits University where he majored in Acting and Directing. After graduating he worked in several capacities in the entertainment industry. In 1991 he was appointed by John Kani and Barney Simon as the first Education Officer of The Market Theatre Laboratory, a position he held for 23 years. [2]

International ventures

During his tenure at the Lab, the institution was awarded the ACT President’s award for Excellence in Arts Education. Dan was responsible for facilitating multiple cultural exchanges to the United States and Sweden and the UK. Internationally he has performed on stage in the Royal National Theatre’s Titus Andronicus and the acclaimed TRC play The Story I Am About to Tell.

Personal life

While it can be reasonably assumed that at his age Dan was once married. There is no information on the man’s wife or family. Neither on his children or any partners he may have been affiliated with over the years. [3]

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Some of you may be wondering how tall Robbertse is. Well, his height is said to be 185cm by his agency at MLSA. So, he’s a pretty tall man in real life. Which works well in the acting industry. Decreasing the chances of being type casted.

Net worth

If you’re wondering what Dan’s Net worth is. Then, you’ve hit wall. After an intense research on the man and his public records. There seems to be no information on his possible Net worth. So, for now, his net worth is unknown.

He was a lecturer at AFDA

After leaving the Lab in 2014, he took a position for one year as Head of Drama at The National School of the Arts in Johannesburg. Since 2015 he has been a Senior Lecturer in Live Performance at AFDA Johannesburg.


Robbertse has appeared in the following television shows:

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures
Behind The Badge
Justice For All
7de Laan
Zero Tolerance
Thetha Msawawa
Crossing The Line
Heartlines (‘Grace’)
Justice For All 4
Yizo Yizo

In 2007 Robbertse landed a main credited cast role in the drama 90 Plein Street, playing conservative MP Christo Beukes.


Robbertse has appeared in the following feature films:

To the Death (1993)
Project Shadowchaser II (1995)
Cry, the Beloved Country (1995)
Operation Delta Force (1997)
Ernest Goes to Africa (1997)
Sweepers (1998)
Cold Harvest (1999)
Running Free (1999)
Kin (2000)
Ali (2001)
Promised Land (2002)
Pavement (2002)
An African Story (2002)
Stander (2003)
Country of My Skull (2004)
Gums and Noses (2004)
Critical Assignment (2004)
Catch a Fire (2006)
Goodbye Bafana (2007)