The full biography of Zimdance artist Killer T

Zimbabwean musician and performer Killer T is redefining Zimdancehall. His popular song Makarova Ganaz, which is Shona and slang for “you beat up a soldier,” helped him become well-known. Fans recognize him by his catchphrase, “Hot Property,” which he frequently screams at the start of his songs.

Biography of Kelvin Kusikwenyu

Killer T biography
Imagine of zimdance hall singer Killer T

Full name: Kelvin Kusikwenyu

Date of birth: 10 January 1990 (33 years old)

Place of birth: Mbare, Zimbabwe

Education: George Stark School

Height: 1.7m

Occupation: Singer, Zimdancehall Artist

Known for: Makarova Ganaz

Record Label: Ghetto Rinenharo

Net worth: Unknown

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Early life of Killer T

On January 10, 1990, Kelvin Kusikwenyu was born in Mbare, Zimbabwe. He will be thirty-two in August 2022. He is the last child in a five-person family. [1]

Education of Killer T

When he was young, his parents passed away, so he and his brother had to take care of one another and make ends meet. After attending St. Peter’s Primary School, Kelvin transferred to George Stark School to complete his O levels.

Personal life of Killer T

Mitchell Kambanga, Killer T’s purported girlfriend, was killed in a horrific car accident in October 2015. The singer, who claimed to be a huge lover of Mitchell’s work, however, denied the claims that she was dating him. [2]

A source who was questioned stated:

“When Mimi, the driver, spotted the vehicle that Jah Rule and his friends were traveling in, she felt threatened and accelerated, which led to the chase that ended in the horrible collision. That collision also had the potential to take Killer T’s life. Only when he stopped at the traffic lights and felt threatened did he get to his feet.”

It is unknown if Killer T is dating, and if he is, he has taken care to keep that aspect of his life private on social media. His sexual orientation is not disclosed either. [3]

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Career of Killer T

Killer T Biography
Image of Killer T on Stage

Hit songs like Tirikumhanya, Suspects, Makarova Gunners, Ziso Rako Hameno, and Officer Mirai Chirukazi helped Killer T make his breakthrough in the music business. Unlike most musicians, his work reflects his upbringing, his challenges, and his triumphs. He also thanks his upbringing for encouraging him to be independent and diligent.

His sibling is the source of his stage name. His brother gave him the moniker “Killer” because he was known for “killing” dancehall lyrics, and “T” stands for “Temptation,” the name of a younger sibling with whom he used to perform. Unluckily, Killer T had to grow up in extreme poverty.

In the ghetto where he was raised, in Mbare, Zimbabwe, there were many difficulties. His music was influenced by these struggles, way of life, aspirations, and individuals. His past inspires him to write new songs as well.


He received four awards and seven nominations in 2016. Moreover, he won the best album award for his debut album, and the best social message award for his popular song Chikorobho. He was acclaimed as the top live performer as well.

Even though Killer T maintains he finds fulfillment in making relevant music, the prizes he has won are the highlight of his career. His most recent honor was for Chikorobho, the best song with a social message. He has also won an award for his album, Ngoma Ndaimba.