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Briella Guiza is a 11-year-old American kid actress best known for starring as Lindsey in Ambulance. She also appeared in a television serials such as Station 19 and Terminal List.

Biography Facts

Image of Briella Guiza who plays Lindsey in Ambulance.
Image of Briella Guiza who plays Lindsey in Ambulance.

Full name: Briella Guiza
Gender: Female
Date of birth: March 18, 2011 (age- 11 years old)
Place of birth: America
Nationality: American
Occupation: Actor, Model
TV Shows: Station 19, Terminal List
Movies: Ambulance
Years Active: 2018 to present
Siblings: 2, Anjella Guiza (twin sister)

Birthplace and childhood of Briella Guiza

Briella Guiza with her other identical twin Anjella Guiza standing side by side.
Image of Briella Guiza with her other twin sister Anjella Guiza standing side by side.

Briella Guiza was born on the 18th of March in 2011 in United States of America. She was born with her twin sister Anjella Guiza who is also an actress. The two twin sisters happened to be interested in acting at their early ages before they’re even 10 years old. With the help of their mother taking them to their auditions they’re literally acting in biggest films and television serials.

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They’re also blessed with their baby sister who is seven years younger than them. Briella Guiza and her twin sister attend school in their home town and they’re doing homeschooling. In August 2021 they posted pictures that showed they’re doing grade 5.

Acting career of Briella Guiza

Image of Briella Guiza as Lucy in "There is Something Wrong With The Children"
Image of Briella Guiza as Lucy in “There is Something Wrong With The Children”

Briella made her debut in acting in 2018 when she was casted as Erica Garcia in the season four Station 19 episode Forever and Ever, Amen. In 2019 she appeared in a television series Twisted Sisters playing 10-year-old Dorothy. [ ¹]

In 2021 she got casted as Lucy in “There is Something Wrong With The Children” produced by Blumhouse Television and Epix Film Production. The film was about a family which goes on a weekend getaway with longstanding friends and their two young children, but when the kids act suspiciously after going into the woods overnight, they suspect something otherworldly.

In 2022 she bagged a role of playing Antonio in a television series The Terminal List. Then in the film, a former Navy SEAL officer investigates why his entire platoon was ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. In 2022 she starred in the film “Ambulance” where she played the role of Lindsey. She bagged the role in 2021 but the film (Ambulance) was set to appear in cinemas from 25 March 2022. [ ²]

Other works of Briella Guiza

In 2021 she acted in the AAA campaign advert called Don’t Drive Distracted with other slogans like Don’t Drive intoxicated or Don’t Drive Intexticated. The campaign’s aim is to educate people that they shouldn’t be distracted when driving and they shouldn’t be under an influence of drugs or alcohol whilst driving to avoid unnecessary accidents. [ ³]

She also appeared on magazines covers such on Icon Fashion Magazine and on kids fashion magazines such as Kat Walk Kids Fashion Magazines with her twin sister Anjella Guiza.

Filmography of Briella Guiza

Year- TV Shows/Film – Character

2018 – Station 19 – Erica Garcia
2019 – Twisted Sisters- Dorothy
2021 – There is Something Wrong With The Children – Lucy
2021 – AAA Ad Campaign – child
2022 – Terminal List – Antonio
2022 – Ambulance – Lindsey

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