Ayanda Ncwane to pay damages for Bab’Ncwane baby mamas’ scandal

Ayanda Ncwane told to pay damages to Bab'Ncwane's baby mamas
Aya Ncwane told to pay damages to Bab’Ncwane’s baby mamas

Ayanda Ncwane was emotional after being told to pay damages for Bab’Ncwane baby mamas’ scandal

The wife to the late gospel singer and songwriter, Ayanda Ncwane, broke emotionally at Real housewives of Durban for being told that she must pay damages for Bab’Ncwane’s baby mama Scandal.

Sfiso Ncwane aka Bab’Ncwane had children outside his marriage. Some of these illegitimate children he had during his marriage with Ayanda Ncwane. This means Sfiso was cheating. Sfiso Ncwane died in December 2016 at the age of 37 due to kidney failure. Though he died a gospel singer, most people are saying Sfiso was not a man they thought he was because of his baby mamas scandals which are coming out now, four years after his death.

“Bab’Ncwane had three other kids apart from Nothile and Ayanda’s two sons? Imagine now UMAKOTI wakwa Ncwane having to now inherit all that and pay damages for all four kids from outside her marriage?? Bayamphambanela kodwa Ayanda soze #RHODurban, ” tweet by Z @mrwebi_zikhona [1] 

Now the baby mama of Sfiso Ncwane ( Bab”Ncwane) who recently appeared on Real housewives of Durban, Nonku, told Ayanda Ncwane on air, that she must pay Hlaulos or damages to Bab’Ncwane’s baby mamas. This, Ayanda Ncwane said it is unfair and she broke in tears.

“They had all the time to sorted this thing out, and Sfiso doesn’t have one child, there is three more… And if, lets for instance I agree live on television and say, ‘ mom we are coming to pay damages’ (remember) other people are watching, so it means I have to go and work, I have to go on a tour,” said Ayanda Ncwane on Real housewives of Durban.

“On that tour of what my husband did I was not there. It’s so unfair to me, ” she added breaking down in tears.

In addition to this, Phupho, the brother to Ayanda added to support his sister;


“Can I mention this, Not just to Nonku…? The day Sfiso passed away, all of them became a single mothers… so Ayanda can’t pay all these damages because they’re all on the same level. They’re all single mothers, they’ve to work for their kids,” said Phupho supporting his sister.

“As Nonku mentioned, she doesn’t speak for herself… since she is still under the guidance of her parents…Ayanda also can’t go to our uncles and say she just found out that she has to pay damages.” He added.

With this alone, Ayanda and Nonku has been trending on social media and people gave their views

Nomasondo Msibi said, “Phupho is such a supportive brother Ayanda is blessed to have him. What the Williams did to Ayanda was just wrong #RHODurban” [2]

Pale said, “Nonku was and will ALWAYS be BITTER about the Sfiso situation. She will never embrace Ayanda for being his wife, instead what she will do is try punish her and hurt her at every chance she can get! She sat there so cold with no emotion as Ayanda wept! So evil! #RHODurban”

And Sinegugu Zungu said, “It so sad what they putting Ayanda through they should have discussed the damages issue privately. The Williams should speak to Sifiso’s uncles about the damages not Ayanda #RHODurban”

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