Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi full biography, activism, height and age

Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi (born 17 January 1977), is a British–South African actor of Nigerian descent. He is best known for the roles in the films and teleserials Five Fingers for Marseilles, The Congo Murders and Isidingo. Apart from acting, he is also a writer, musician and producer.

Full biography: Anthony Oseyemi

Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi
Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi

Full name: Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi
Date of birth: 17 January 1977
Place of birth: United Kingdom, Europe
Education: University of North London
Height: 1.74m
Occupation: Actor, Musician and Producer
Knownfor: Pastor on Isono on
Nationality: South African, British and Nigerian

Early Life of Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi

He was born on 17 January 1977 in the United Kingdom to a Nigerian family. Growing up in South East London. He joined the Lewisham Youth Theatre which was his first step in becoming a professional performer. This led to him attending the London Metropolitan University. Where he graduated with an honours degree in Performing Arts.

First visit to South Africa

Anthony first came to South Africa in 1997 through Phakama. A youth art programme that encourages cultural exchange through arts on an international basis. And he just fell in love with the country. Essentially, he realised that he wanted to continue to work in the South African entertainment industry. Which was in his words overflowing with an “overwhelming amount of creativity and talent” according to Oseyemi.

Education of Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi

Anthony Oseyemi relocated to South Africa, where he received his BA degree in Performing Arts from the University of North London. Thereafter, he completed postgraduate studies in the UK. After the studies, he returned to South Africa and settled there. Where much of his later career is based.

Personal life of Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi

While much of his career is known. Oseyemi has never revealed his love interests or personal life. So, we don’t know if he has a wife and kids or not. All that remains quite unknown for now. However, we will keep on the lookout for such information.


Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi

According to Oseyemi. His big break came when he was featured as the lead actor in ads for Old Mutual, Hunters Dry, Mercedes and Yellow Pages. All of which were broadcast internationally. However, it was in 2006 when he became the host of Survivor Africa. That his name really started being known in the industry.

Aside from TV. Anthony’s career has also been monopolised by some big-screen roles. For example, he had recently finished shooting a film called The Assignment. A South African political thriller. Moreover, he has filmed The Salvation, a South African-Danish Co-production. In the other movie he had, he played a Navy Seal. Moreover, according to Anthony Oseyemi. He got to run around, shoot, and blow up things, which of course, is awesome!

Interests in Male and Female Breast Cancer awareness

According to Anthony. He was really happy about getting to champion the PinkDrive breast cancer bracelet. As breast cancer is something he’s “quite passionate about.” Although the majority of breast cancer cases occur in women. Many people would be surprised to learn that men can develop breast cancer too.

However, in addition to that. Oseyemi said men we needed to stand with their sisters, wives, and mothers in this cause. While all men are aware of breast cancer. Many stay silent on this topic thinking it’s not appropriate for them to let their voices be heard in this discussion.

So, according Oseyemi. Men needed to be active participants in the fight against breast cancer. In his own words: “What could be more appropriate than caring for the women we love?”

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