About Pitso Mosimane’s children; Lelentle and Kopano Mosimane

Image of Moira, Lelentle, Kopano and Rea Mosimane. These are Pitso Mosimane's children.
Image of Moira, Lelentle, Kopano and Rea Mosimane. These are Pitso Mosimane’s children.

Most football lovers know Pitso Mosimane as the former coach of South African national team, Sundowns and the current manager of Egyptian giants Al Ahly. But its quite obvious that most people have no idea of who are Pitso Mosimane’s children and their occupation.

Background of Pitso Mosimane and his children

Image of Pitso Mosimane's children and his two sons Rea and Kopano Mosimane.
Image of Pitso Mosimane and his two sons Rea and Kopano Mosimane.

Pitso Mosimane is married to Moira Tlhagale Mosimane, a businesswoman and a project director of several projects undertaken by her company- TMT Consulting. The couple were blessed with three children but only two are well known children who are Lelentle Mosimane and Kopano Segoale Mosimane.

So lets look at their personal and professional life separately. We are only going to focus on Lelentle and Kopano Mosimane.

Who is Lelentle Mosimane, Pitso’s daughter?

Image of Pitso with his daughter Lelentle Mosimane.
Image of Pitso with his daughter Lelentle Mosimane.

Lelentle Mosimane is Pitso Mosimane’s daughter who he had with his wife Moira Mosimane. She is a South African digital media specialist and entrepreneur. In 2018 she enrolled at the University of Witswaterstrand to study International Relations. She graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Affairs.

In 2020 she founded Learn Know Master Tutors, a tutoring school for primary and secondary school learners specifically grade 1 to 12. She is also the director of the very same school which is currently operating in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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In 2021 he became a teaching assistant at the University of Witswaterstrand Witswaterstrand from March until end of the year. In October 2021 she started working as the digital media specialist for MT Sports Marketing Management which was founded by her mother Moira Tlhagale Mosimane in 2012. [ ¹]

Who is Kopano Mosimane the son of Pitso Mosimane?

 This is the image of Kopano Mosimane, Pitso's son.
This is the image of Kopano Mosimane, Pitso’s son.

Kopano Segoale Mosimane is Pitso Mosimane’s son. He is a podcaster, Youtuber and probably an aspiring politician or political analyst according to his Instagram. He loves hiking and art.

Their last born child and son is an 11-year-old Rea Mosimane who is still in school. He also loves soccer as he visit his father in Egypt frequently. He once appeared in the same portrait with Lionel Messi.

The supportive Pitso Mosimane’s children

Pitso Mosimane’s children are very supportive to him. Which is why Pitso is also blooming in his career. They travel alot together to visit Pitso in Egypt in support of Al Ahly. In December 2021 Moira, Pitso’s wife took to Instagram to congratulate him when Al Ahly won a championship.

“Well done to you and your team: the players and technical team, the one half. To the management team, Board, President Bibo, you are the other half who are also in there making sure that the hard work gets done. When the two halves come together, it is magic… History is re-written and records are broken. May the eagle continue to soar.” Said Moira on an Instagram post.

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