Zinhle Zuma Biography, age, early life, acting career and personal

Zinhle Zuma age 24 years old as of 2023 is a South actress, model, voice over artist, director and makeup artist who is currently portraying the role of Cindy on House of Zwide.

Biography profile of Zinhle Zuma

Zinhle Zuma Biography
Image of Zinhle Zuma

Full name : Zinhle Zuma
Gender : Female
Age : 24 years old (2023)
Date of birth :
Place of birth :
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actress, Model, director and makeup artist
Instagram :

Early life and education of Zinhle Zuma

Nothing is known about Zinhle’s early age. We don’t have information about how she grew up and who raised her. About education we do not know where did she attend her primary school and Secondary school. [1]

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Career of Zinhle Zuma

A 23-year-old entertainer named Zinhle is still working to build some real self-assurance in the industry. She has received endorsement from the Star quality administration for a number of years and has added a few new roles to her resume. Her work as a performer in House of Zwide isn’t her most enduring gig.

In her spare time, Zinhle Zuma works as a model and a blogger in addition to being an entertainment. She performs some demonstration work and broadcasts it as an influencer on her Instagram. She has also started to work as a brand ambassador since she has a partnership with Jonie Walker for their bourbon. Zuma also represents the Nescafe and Dove brands. In the movies Goodbye Gogo, Umhlukanisi, and Little Loud Mouth, she has landed supporting roles. The performer has been in two popular dramatization series this year: Umbuso and House of Zwide. [2]

The role of Cindy on House of Zwide

Zinhle Zuma Biography
Image of actress Zinhle

The first appearance of Zinhle Zuma in House of Zwide was Bra Carter’s means of aiding Soka. Soka was intended to be distracted by Cindy from his concerns about Ona. She didn’t let the fact that her initial attempt to seduce Soka failed deter her from her goal. She meets Ona and Soka on the streets as a result, and they confront the man.

Personal life of Zinhle Zuma

In addition to being a fantastic entertainer, Zinhle Zuma is bilingual. She speaks a variety of languages, including English, Sesotho, Zulu, and Afrikaans, as shown by her Star quality profile. At the moment we don’t know her relationship status yet. [3]