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Yola Plaatjie is a 28-year-old South African actress best known for playing Dr Nangamso Jack on Durban Gen, an etv drama series. She is a winner of the Best Newcomer Actress at Simon Sabelo Awards 2020 for the short film, Dreams of Gomorrah.

Biography Profile

Yola Plaatjie
Image (instagram) – the Dut radio presenter.

Full name: Yola Plaatjie
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1994 (age- 28)
Place of birth: Durban, KZN, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress
Known as: Dr Nangamso Jack from Durban Gen
Social media
Instagram: @yola_plaatjie
Twitter: @PlaatjieYola

Where and when was Yola Plaatjie born?

Yolo Plaatjie was born in 1994 in Durban, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Growing up her dream and prayers was for her to become an actress.

Acting career of Yola Plaatjie

Yola Plaatjie portraying Dr Nangamso Jack from Durban Gen
Image of Yola portraying Dr Nangamso Jack from Durban Gen.

Yola Plaatjie appeared and starred on a short film called Dreams Of Gomorrah alongside Annalisa Gxabu. The Dreams of Gomorrah is a coming of age story about a girl who falls in love with another woman just weeks before she is meant to marry a man. The film was a Michael James Film, written and produced by Sithabile Mkhize. In September 2020, Yola was nominated at Simon Sabela KZN Film and Television Awards for the Best Newcomer Actress for the film, The Dreams of Gomorrah. She was nominated alongside Rizelle Januck for the film Kings of Mulberry and Nomakhwezi Becker for Mzansi in Orania. Yola Plaatjie was the winner of the Simon Sabela 2020 awards for Best Newcomer Actress.

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In 2021 she landed a role on etv drama, Durban Gen season two as Dr Nangamso Jack, an intern doctor from Medunsa who looks to spread peace, happiness and love in the hospital as she believes the hospital can be used as an opportunity to bring peace. Yola was part of the newly added cast of Durban Gen season two which included Thokozisa Ziqubu (casted as Dr Bhengu) and Sibongokuhle Nkosi (as Thembi). ¹

“There are still days when I can’t believe I’m living this life. It’s fantastic. I’m living out my hopes and dreams. I believe that manifesting, writing things down, and making a mental commitment to something helps because it actually happens.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me,” she remarked.

Yola Plaatjie as Radio Presenter

Yola Plaatjie biography
Image of Yola Plaatjie during radio presentation

Since 2017, Yola has been working as a Radio Presenter at Radio DUT (Durban University Technology). An official DUT in-house radio station about varsity students, its aim is to meet the needs of young and active youth, prospective students, general society and graduate entering the world of work. Her duties on Radio DUT was to work on weekend lunchtime show and believes that radio gives her life. ²

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