Who is Msholozi Zuma in Amapiano? Get to know his full biography.

‌Sabelo Zuma Msholozi Amapiano musician biography.

Msholozi Zuma in Amapiano is a 22-year-old South African Amapiano musician best known for his hit songs such as S’Villa where he was featured. His real name is Sabelo Zuma and he has become a household name among youth.

Biography Facts

Msholozi Zuma, Amapiano Musician biography
Image of Zuma, Amapiano Musician biography.

Real Name: Sabelo Zuma
Stage name: Msholozi Zuma
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 3, 1999 (age- 22)
Place of birth: Alexandra township, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Amapiano Musician
Popular Songs: S’Villa

Early life of Sabelo Zuma Amapiano

Msholozi Zuma was born on January 3 probably in the year of 1999 in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg in Gauteng Province in South Africa. His real birth name is Sabelo Zuma but he uses Msholozi Zuma in the music industry. He developed interest for music at a tender age and he released some of his first song in his teenage years.

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Education of Sabelo Zuma Amapiano

He attended his primary school in Alexandra township. After that he attended Realogile High School where he obtained his matric in the later years. [ ¹]

Music career of Zuma Msholozi of Amapiano

Msholozi Zuma, Amapiano Musician biography, songs, age and girlfriend
Image of Zuma Amapiano musician performing on stage.

Sabelo Zuma of Amapiano has worked with quite a number of artists in the music industry. He made his debut in the industry when he was 18 years old according to sources and has never stopped. So far he has worked with Reece Madlisa, Mr JazziQ, Busta 929 and many other artists.

He became more popular when he released S’Villa as a featured artist alongside Jehovah. He released many other songs and most Amapiano lovers have been enjoying his work. Zuma has travelled the world performing Amapiano music. He has been in United Kingdom in places like Bec Arena, Manchester city, The Mill, Birmingham and at Night Tales, London performing alongside Kid Alpha, Xavier and Nutty Cyber. [ ²]

Discography of Msholozi Zuma Amapiano

  • ly’ntsimbi Zase Envy feat. Busta929, Diadla Mshungqisi
  • Amaroto feat. Deep Xplosion, dob Ma-ena~Lungstar & Stillow
  • Manyonyoba feat. Busta929 &LadyDu
  • K’dala S’kokota feat. DJ Maphorisa
  • Soa Matrix, Mpura & Killa Kau 5. Job Job feat. Josiah De Disciple

Personal life of Sabelo Zuma

Zuma of Amapiano is confused by many with Msholozi Zuma the oldest daughter of Jacob Zuma who was called by their clan name Msholozi. But the Amapiano Zuma is not the same person with Msholozi the daughter of Jacob Zuma.

He is in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend but we do not know who girl is since he conceals his personal life.

Sabelo Zuma of Amapiano is on Social

Yes the Amapiano star Msholozi Zuma is on Instagram as well as Facebook. His Instagram account has nearly a million followers, that is more than 800 thousand followers as of March 2022. His Social media handles are: @dereal_Zuma for Instagram and he uses Sabelo Zuma on Facebook.

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