Serah Joshua biography, age, career, husband and father


Serah Joshua is a 32-year-old Nigerian Lawyer who is best known as the daughter of the most prominent clergyman, the founder of Synagogue, Church of All Nations TB Joshua.

Biography Facts

Serah Johua age, husband and career
Image of Serah Joshua and her hubby.

Full name: Serah Oyindamola Joshua
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1991 (age- 32)
Place of birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Lawyer
Alma mater: London School of Economic
Parents: TB Joshua (father), Evelyn Joshua (mother)
Siblings: Promise Joshua, Heart Joshua
Spouses: Brian Moshi (m – May 8, 2021)

Early life of Serah Joshua

Serah Oyindamola Joshua was born in 1991 in Lagos, Lagos State in Nigeria. Growing up Serah faced challenges like any other human being despite his father being a self proclaimed powerful prophet. She admits that she had different challenges but her father has taught her to see challenges as stepping stones to greater heights.

“We all have challenges, but with what my father has taught me, I see challenges as stepping stone to greater heights. Also, challenges are not personal, because God is involved in seeing you through.  Every stumbling block is a lesson to move higher in life.” she said.

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Education of Sarah Joshua

Sarah attended Ronik International School, Ejigbo, Lagos State in Nigeria. After that she went on to attend, the London School of Economic, where she did her law degree and a master’s in New York. [ ¹]

Career and fame of Serah Joshua

Serah is Lawyer by profession and she has made her mark in the world. In 2015 she was called at the the Bar in Abuja and listed among those who will be called to Bar in New York in 2016. When it was 2016 she left everything for New York at the bar and represented her country well. [ ²]

Personal of Serah Joshua

Serah Joshua and her husband Brian Moshi.
Serah and Brian Moshi her husband.

Serah Joshua is married to a businessman in the tourism industry, a Tanzanian man, Brian Moshi. They tied a knot on 8 May, 2021 at a Catholic Church located at Unga Ltd in Arusha followed by a grand ceremony held in at the Arusha International Conference Center (AICC). The marriage was done in three ceremonies, one was in Nigeria at the Pentecostal Church, then later in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and then their last ceremony was in Arusha, Tanzania.

Sarah Joshua is the daughter of the late and most famous Christian clergyman, TB Joshua who founded Synagogue, Church of All Nations and Emmanuel TV. She the first born of his father TB Joshua and his mother Evelyn Joshua. She has two younger siblings, Promise Joshua and Heart Joshua. [ ³]

Though Sarah is still under the age of 40, she do not have Instagram account like other under 40 young people.

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